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Gnome Mania Hits ReannaLily Designs

on Nov 27, 2019 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Gnomes Party of Four- by Jen Eskridge

Start with a couple sketches and wind up with a pile of gnome applique designs. I know, it sounds like I left out a few steps, but really, this is how I work. Draw, draw, draw. Edit. Trace. Isolate shapes. Trace/Cut. Applique.

Here’s a peek at the gnome collection. Not all of them made it out into the wool/felt stage of their lives.

If you can believe it, there are even more gnomes in the sketchbook. But for now, let me tell you about the four that made it into fabric.

I made a small gnome couple first.

Gnome Couple by Jen Eskridge

Each gnome or, in this case, couple is set on a muslin backing. This help hold all the small felt applique pieces in place. Once I isolated small shapes, I was able to glue-baste the elements in place.

Gnome Couple by Jen Eskridge

My original thought was that I’d make these into ornaments, to represent everyone in my family. (I’ve abandoned that already.) But, at the time, I’m thinking, “If I make a pile of these, would it be reasonable to have a shaggy beard as the edge or should he have a big red shirt as the lower edge?”

If you wonder these things, too… Hands down- Red shirt. WAY EASIER.

Red Shirt Gnome Ornament by Jen Eskridge

These little guys entertain me like nobody’s business.

Green Hat Gnome Ornament by Jen Eskridge

I didn’t do any super cool stitches while finishing these guys. I suppose their eyes are French knots, but I’m reasonably sure that isn’t fancy.

Gnome Couple by Jen Eskridge

Isn’t it always the case that a photo allows you to really look back at your work… only to realize I forgot to put shoes on that cute couple. Well, there ya go, long pants are very trendy for gnomes this season.

These were a blast to make. They finish rather quickly and have their own little personalities.

Gnome Family by Jen Eskridge

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