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Accidental Watermelon Quilt

on Jun 18, 2019 in Blog, Featured, pattern, quilt, quilting, tutorial | 0 comments

I accidentally created a Watermelon Quilt. Yep. Sometimes things work out perfectly and a splash of green looks great with a splash of pink, but other times: Oops. Watermelon Quilt. On the upside, I love watermelon. Wait until you see the quilting design, too. You’ll laugh.

Here’s How It Happened

I wanted to try making the LARGE scale Scrappy Trip Around The World using a rectangle design instead of creating perfect square blocks. It was surprisingly harder.

If you missed it, here’s a quick picture of the large square quilt:

For my Accidental Watermelon Quilt I used 5″ cut strips, instead of the recommended 7″ cut strips. I chose that size because I had used 5″ squares for something previously and had leftover strips already cut. All I needed to do was fill in the gaps with a couple more fabric colors.

Here’s my fabric pull.

Laying out as a fabric pull, this didn’t immediately scream “WATERMELONS,” but here we are.

The test for this quilt was to create four large-scale quadrants that were rectangles rather than a squares. I learned by making rectangles, that you do not have the luxury of simply shifting your pieced strips to put a different focus fabric on the diagonal. Oops. So, I guess we are going with white. Or I could have opted to stitch the row of squares back into a tube and rip the seam between two different colors.

This is one quadrant:

Its starting to look a bit more like the festive summer-time snack.

The rectangle design also required I to add in a horizontal and vertical row to join the quadrants properly and keep the design. I think you can see the horizontal and diagonal center row/column in the picture below.

And yes, guard dog is in full-effect.

Finishing the Watermelon Quilt

Although I free-motion quilt on a HandiQuilter Avante longarm, I’ve recently dabbled in the computer-guided longarm options. This was the second quilt I stitched on my new-to-me ProStitcher.

I kid you not, this computerized pattern looks like watermelon seeds! I figured I should just go for it. Embrace the watermelon!

Changing The Sizes

I’ve made this Scrappy Trip Around The World in a few sizes. Check out how changing the size of the strips (and squares) creates completely different looks, while maintaining the same easy construction.

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