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Chicken and Rooster Pincushion

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Wanna make an adorable pincushion with me? I have never been a big pincushion gal until I started using a pincushion. Holy smokes. And why not have an sweet little chicken pincushion?

Side question: Is it a chicken if it doesn’t lay eggs? Mine definitely do not lay eggs, so maybe these are rooster pincushions? We can overthink this on another day.

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  • Two fabric rectangles 4″ x 4-1/2″ (body)
  • One fabric square 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ (beak)
  • One small swatch of felt for comb
  • One small swatch of felt cut into a heart for wings

Prep Beak and Comb:

Start by first folding the 1-1/2″ square on the diagonal, matching wrong sides.

Fold it in half again.

  • Pin this folded triangle to the right-side of a fabric rectangle.
  • Pin the beak along the 4″ side, approximately 1/2″ from the right-hand corner.
  • Make sure the beak is pointing into the fabric square, opposite of how it will look finished.
  • From the felt scrap, basically cut a letter M approximately 2″ wide and 1″ tall. *You might consider swapping the felt for ric-rack if you have that on hand.
  • Pin the M-shaped comb along the 4-1/2″ side of fabric, 1/4″ from the right-hand corner.
  • Make sure the beak is pointing into the fabric square, opposite of how it will look finished.
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Lay the remaining fabric rectangle on top of the prepped rectangle, matching right sides. Pin.

Use a 1/4″ to sew around three sides, leaving the bottom shorter edge completely open.

The Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide has 1/4″ marks along the entire bed of your sewing machine throat. It allows for consistent seam allowances, no matter the project. For the pincushion, simply line the cut edge up with the first 1/4″ mark from the needle line. (To see more uses for the fantastic seam guide, check out these videos.)

Now, you’re all set with 1/4″ seams on all three sides.

Turn the little pincushion right-side out to check the placement of the beak and comb. if you don’t like where they fall along their respective seams, simply open that seam and shift the pieces. Easy.

Looks good.

  • Turn little the little chook inside out.
  • Match the two seams along the lower edge.
  • Pin.

Sew about 3/4″ inch towards the center starting at each corner. Make sure to backstitch at the start and stop.

  • Turn the pincushion right-side out through the opening.
  • Use a blunt turning tool to push out all four corners.


  • Make a funnel from scrap paper. I opted to pin my funnel shape for ease of use.
  • Use the funnel to add Ground Nut Shells into the opening of the pincushion.
  • Tuck in the seam allowances and pin the opening closed.
  • Use the hand sewing needle and thread to close the opening.

Time For Eyes and Wings (optional)

For these steps you’ll need:

  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Two Beads
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Felt Heart
  • Cut the heart in half vertically.
  • Place one half on each side of the pincushion using glue and a pin to hold it in place. I opt for the glue to keep the wing on the curved surface of my fat chicken.
  • While that is taking a quick second to dry, apply the eyes 1/2″ from the upper corner using the hand sewing tools.
  • Prepare the embroidery floss.
  • Remove the pin from each wing.
  • Tie a knot at the end of three-strands of embroidery floss and hide that knot under the wing.
  • Start stitching any decorative stitch you prefer. I opted for a running stitch.
  • Bury the finishing knot under the wing.

If you are looking for decorative stitch ideas, I highly recommend Sue Spargo’s Creative Stitching book. It is an incredible resource.

Ok, she or he is finished and ready to party!

Although I took many pictures, this pincushion stitches up so quickly you may end up making more than one. (wink wink) The bag of shells for filling can easily fill a few birds. Look out, they are addicting.

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