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Find Quilts Around the World on Instagram

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Customize an International Instagram Feed!

Instagram is a wonderful photo-based networking platform perfect for creative inspiration. Of course, Instagram has gone through many changes over the years but there are still ways to see your favorite content. Make your instagram feed international by including hashtags from many other languages. Today, I want to share with you my trick for seeing quilts from all over the world.


First, lets talk hashtags. If you don’t already know, a hashtag is a # symbol followed by words that basically creates an imaginary folder (and automatic search filter) for everyone to use.  Instagram and Twitter seem to be the primary users of social hashtags.

Hashtags in Profile

Instagram has allowed users to add hashtags into their profiles. In my own profile, I’ve added #reannalilydesigns to see all posts about my business & folks making things from my patterns, #reannalilyquilts to feature things I’ve quilted for myself or others, and #fmfwq & #freemotionframework to showcase all the projects and promotions for the new book, Free-Motion Framework. On someone’s profile page, you can click on any hashtag to see more images with that tag.

Hashtags in Photo Descriptions

An instagram user may also add any kind of hashtag into their image description. Just like hashtags in a profile, you can click on one to see more similar images from anyone on the internet.

These were used on a recent customer’s gorgeous quilt. Her Metro Rings quilt was made using the Quick Curve Ruler, so I thought it’d be fun to associate the posts with other image that have used the same ruler and other machine quilting hashtags:  #quickcurveruler#customerquilt#loveit, #reannalilyquilts, #reannalilydesigns, #ilovemyjob, #longarmquilting, #machinequilting, #freemotionquilting, #quiltedfeathers, #feathers, #sewkindofwonderful, #fmq, #freemotionquilting#dwrquilt, #doubleweddingring

*Note- In the actual description, you don’t need commas between hashtags.

Customize Your International Instagram Feed

Armed with the information on hashtags, it got me thinking: I should search for tags in other languages. Unfortunately, I don’t know any other languages fluently. (Does sarcasm and pig latin count? No.)

Google Translate to the rescue! Now sure, Google Translate is sometimes a disaster, but it does know more than I do when it comes to quilty vocabulary. I started here, with Spanish:

Google Translate Quilting to Spanish

Ok, now I have a word to grow search and browse. You don’t need the right word, or the most trending word, you just need a starting point. Just like on my own photo description, I used similar tags like #longarmquilting,  #machinequilting, #freemotionquilting, the odds are someone using the #acolchado tag may also have related words.

  • Type the new-to-you hashtag in to the search bar on Instagram.
  • Scroll through to see images that appeal to you.
  • Click the photo to see more hashtags in the description.
  • Select a few hashtags by clicking on them to see what comes up.
  • Follow any hashtags you find appealing by clicking the blue “follow” button at the top of your mobile device.

In this case, #acolchado yields commercial bedding, though I found a hand-made machine quilted image that also contained the hashtag #patchdelourdes. Click it. I also typed it in to translate, and it means “heavy patch.” Ok. Sure thing. That hashtag has much more quilty images for me. The cycle begins…

ReannaLily Designs Profile Pic on Instagram - Jen Eskridge - Learn to see Quilts in from other countries on Instagram

Now see at the top of the screen where it says “Follow” on the blue button? Click it and you’ll get to see new images when someone uses the hashtag you just decided to follow. It is awesome. This button doesn’t appear on your pc or computer, only tablet & mobile, I believe.

One thing to note is the number of instances that hashtag occurs. In this case, 223. You find tags that have hundreds of thousands and you may find tags with 10-20. Pick what you like, and if you start seeing less-fun or less-inspiring posts, simply unfollow that tag for a while.

What I Follow

As of right now, here are just a few hashtags I’m following:

Note: It looks like the special characters from other languages aren’t showing up on mobile devices  if you click the links, they’ll still open correctly in Instagram.

The possibilities are endless! Those can get you started. Good luck!! Of course, you can do this with any hobby or interest. You will find some fantastic projects out there!

If you are bilingual or follow quilty & sewing hashtags from another languauge, I’d love to see them! Share them in the comments.



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