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Patriotic Quilt Round Up

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Red White and Blue Quilt Tutorial Round Up by Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

Red, White, and Blue

Red, White and Blue is the theme for this how-to tutorial round up! As I’ve started to create more and more quilts for veterans, I noticed a themed collection in the works. I’m happy to share my quilts and quilt pattern tutorials here, all in one place.

For the most part, when I approach a quilt pattern to adapt it to look patriotic, I treat the fabric requirements as “all shades of red” with “all shades of blue” and “as many whites as I own.” This works for any three-color quilts. The quilt will look scrappy as I’ve cut the red pieces from as many reds as I have in my own fabric stash. Same with blues and whites.

If the quilt pattern is a two-color quilt or has an even balance of background and foreground pieces, I simply treat all backgrounds as white and all foregrounds as red and blue. You can do this with any pattern you already own. Of course, if you switch that up (i.e. all backgrounds are red and blue; all foregrounds are white,) you’ll turn out a completely different quilt still using the one original pattern!

HUGE Cross and Plus Quilt

Ohio Star Barn Quilt

Inverted Disappearing 9-Patch with Layer Cakes

Patriotic Wonky Star Quilt Tutorial

Patriotic Disappearing 9-Patch with 10″ Precut Squares

Red, White OR Blue

Sometimes a more monochromatic look is just what you need. Turns out, side-by-side these two monochromatic quilts look great together as Red and White or Blue and White quilts. Incidentally, both quilts below are made from the same Giant Flying Geese tutorial.

Giant Fat Quarter Flying Geese – Queen Size

Blue Flying Geese: Queen-Size Quilt

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