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Clamshell Quilt Panels

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The Clamshell Quilt Panel

I hope you were able to see The Quilted Clamshell videos on ReannaLily Designs facebook page this weekend. If not, go check them out!


Today, I’d like to show you a few quilting designs from the new book as they are featured on a Clamshell Cheater Quilt. You read that right! Thanks to the digital print-on-demand magic over at, I’m able to design, print and offer Clamshell Baby Quilts printed and ready for quilting.

The panels are currently offered in pink, blue and yellow, and can be picked up?in a variety of fabrics. Get your panel directly from


This weekend, I was working with the yellow panel. The panels are designed in one-yard lengths, but could easily be purchased in a pack of four and stitched together. As shown below, digitally, this quilt without any borders would measure 72″ x 80″ and would have a horizontal and vertical seam.


Using the three design variables outlined in The Quilted Clamshell, this panel turned out really unique. You will not get bored using the design methods in book!


I decided to feature a different design in each of the shaded clamshell shapes. By changing the variables, a quilter could really have a infinite designs.For this panel, I quilted 30 designs and 20 clam stencil shapes. See how I quilted a few of these clams in this Youtube playlist.


I opted to leave the white clamshells reasonably un-quilted. They simply showcase a smaller clam created with HandiQuilter’s Handi VersaTool?longarm quilting ruler. If you are working on a domestic home-sewing machine or don’t want to mess with rulers, you can trace the clamshell shape on page 46 of The Quilted Clamshell to use as a stencil.


For this quilt, I used thick needle-punched batting. It really makes the quilting designs puff.


The clamshell panels look great with solid binding.

The Quilted Clamshell by Jen Eskridge | Clamshell Quilt Panels from Spoonflower

I cannot wait to see how you use the panels and how you quilt your clamshell! Use the hashtag #thequiltedclamshell to share.

The Quilted Clamshell by Jen Eskridge | Clamshell Quilt Panels from Spoonflower

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