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Graffiti Quilting by Karlee Porter

on Jan 20, 2015 in Blog, blogging others, Longarm Quilting Gallery, quilting | 3 comments

Graffiti Quilting

Have you guys seen all the Graffiti Quilting posts on Pinterest and Instagram. Do a search for #graffitiquilting. I’ll wait….

Well, I love the look. The Graffiti Quilting is based off a new, self-published book by Karlee Porter. I cannot imagine self-publishing, but boy, she gives me hope. This book is everywhere! I got my copy for Christmas.

I started with some of the design motifs she describes in the book to work on designs in markers.

Graffiti Quilting Style Doodle | ReannaLily Designs

Eh. Blue was ok. It isn’t my favorite. Luckily, I had more markers and more paper.

Graffiti Quilting Style Doodle | ReannaLily Designs

The orange I like. Well, I say that. I don’t really like those arrows. They are pretty much the only thing I see when I look at the doodle.

Graffiti Quilting Style Doodle | ReannaLily Designs

So I made another doodle, sans arrows. The green is my FAV, and my 3rd one. Practice Practice Practice, apparently that works a bit.

Next up was to try it in fabric.

Graffiti Quilting Style| ReannaLily Designs

This is a variegated gold/brown thread on the neutral stripe background. Karlee mentions in the book that in order to get thick “marker lines” in thread, just trace over that curve/shape a couple times. Ok, that is awesome 1/ for the look but 2/ if your curve/shape has a lump, the thicker thread tracing will smooth it out. The stitched piece is only my first one so far and it is probably about 11″ x 14″ or so. It isn’t huge, but did give me enough room to give this free motion quilting style a go.

I now have to try to figure out how I can get these mixed quilty designs on a regular quilt, not just on “whole cloth” pieces. How would that work? What would it look like?

Have you tried the graffiti quilting?


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