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Scrappy Pillow Cases

on Jul 5, 2014 in Blog, fabric stash, recycle | 1 comment

Scrappy Pillowcases | ReannaLily Designs | 15 Minutes of Play


My 15 Minutes of Play has gone off the rails. Seriously.

I started with the sorting scraps …medium scraps, big scraps, small scraps… It is out of control! Anywho – I realized some of my scraps were really big. That’s not so bad. Um… then there were alot of big scraps….

Scrappy Pillowcases | ReannaLily Designs | 15 Minutes of Play

Every year we have a family reunion and with 8 total grands, I decided this year we all needed wacky scrappy pillowcases. Seems like a good use for big big big scraps.

All the seams for these cases are serged, so they’ll hold up for a while. And man, that serger is so much faster than my regular home sewing machine. It zooms through!

These turned out crazy. Bonkers pillowcases. I love them. They are really fun.

Scrappy Pillowcases | ReannaLily Designs | 15 Minutes of Play


I asked the kids how we should decide which kids get which cases and the 14 yo suggests we hide the cases all over the house and let the kids go on a wild treasure hunt. Which ever case you get, you get. That seems pretty fair. I’m certain they’ll still trade with each other. We’ll see how?it turns out.

Scrappy Pillowcases | ReannaLily Designs | 15 Minutes of Play

The kids may get to use the fabric markers to write their names, in adorable kid handwriting, on the cases, so each year these can be their special reunion cases. … just have to find the fabric markers…

I think I will put a dent in this scrap pile yet!!

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  1. I start my Christmas sewing usually in July.


    July 8, 2014

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