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Great Fabric Re-Fold of 2014

on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog, fabric stash | 2 comments

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room



The Great Fabric ReFold of 2014

It is almost complete! Phew. It is so worth it.

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room BEFORE

Kansas Sewing Room | Nov 2009

This picture (above) was at my last house. My fabrics were sorted by color and I thought I was doing pretty well. My space was even on the Prairie Quilt Guild Studios tour one year. Click here to see that video. But… then we moved… I bet you guys saw that coming.

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room

Texas Sewing Room | Spring 2013

In the new house, I had to rearrange some things and purge some things. At the end of the day, though, everything fit in the sewing room. it just looked a bit “junkie” and full. I decided maybe folding the fabric better would help. Turns out, there are tons of tutorials and blog posts on how-to fold fabric around comic book boards.

Comic Book Boards


Why comic book boards?

  • The can do the job.
  • They are acid free and “safe”.
  • They are $25 for 200. Seriously. Two HUNDRED.

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room BEFORE


Now to tackle the cubbies one color at a time. My cubbie organization system is from Target. Brace yourself. It is a total of 48 cubbies in 5 total shelf pieces. I’ve acquired them all over time.

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room


The re-fold took about 2 weekends. It was coming along nicely when I realized – WAIT, why am I trying to fit each fabric exactly back where it was? I could completely re-organize the whole deal. I could take those smaller-than-1/2-yard pieces, which you see folded, and get those in a rubbermaid. I could consolidate the actual colors a bit too. The 1/2 shelf of white is going to look nice next to the 1/2 shelf of black… on and on.

Each board neatly wraps 1/2 yard and up. My largest piece was about 6 yards. The board held that nicely, but as I found on the internet, it is recommended to use two boards, for added strength, for larger pieces of fabric. One blog site actually says she folds her Fat Quarters around the boards so that every single fabric size can be uniform. It could work. I just opted to keep my Fat Quarters bundled and off to the side. Oh also, some sites recommend you secure the fabric with a pin at the end of folding. I didn’t do that. It is too humid for me to have pins rusting in my fabric.

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room | In Progress - Cubbie Arrangement


Once I got to sorting and re-arranging, I realized that I had another cubbie in my studio closet. Man, clearing that out of the closet would let me put my “quilts for trunk shows and lectures” suitcases in a tidy storage place. Wheels were turning, people! It is a work in progress right now.

I have a few books to still sort through. And that closet cubbie seriously needs some attention…. whoa, right? The vintage sheets look like the cubbie is barfing them out. Shame. I’ll need to fix that this morning. !!!

Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs | Sewing Room


All in all, the fabric looks great. WAY more accessible. WAY more useable. Now, I just need to clean up the room and I’ll be set. I highly recommend the folding & sorting. It is amazing what you’ll find in there.

I’ll have more pictures later, when it is actually clean. … so mark your calendars for sometime around never. =) cough cough.

But seriously, I’ll try to get it cleaned….


  1. I am in AWE of your beautifully folded fabric!


    June 26, 2014

  2. where did the comic boards come from. I think I have friends that would love this challenge. All our rooms rearranged…I see a 3 month challenge coming up, maybe.

    Jammie Ackley

    July 9, 2014

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