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Free Motion Quilted Flowers

on Mar 31, 2014 in Blog, business, pattern, quilting | 0 comments

Guess who quilted one of her 4 Plus Quilts?? This girl!

Quilting the Plus Quilt | ReannaLily DesignsClick Image to Enlarge


I decided to try a flower design. Someone posted a flower tutorial – it might have been a free Craftsy sneak-peek video deal. Anywhoo, I watched a few weeks ago and decided I had to try it. I think I kinda screwed it up, since you can’t exactly see the flowers.

In the video they make the “stem” and “circle middle” part, then build a flower around it. They took a couple laps around to make the petals. I think they may have done a little 1/8″ echo around the flower, once it was as big as she wanted it. I think, cough cough, I may have forgotten that step. I have petals all willie-nilly around this quilt.

Quilting the Plus Quilt | ReannaLily DesignsClick Image to Enlarge

Honestly, I’m just glad it is quilted. It is not a deal-breaker that you cannot see each exact flower. Live and learn, right? Those Plus Quilts are so fast to piece and so great to try out designs. Next one, I’m thinking I’ll put a different fill in each fat quarter.

This FREE pattern is available for download here on the site and on the super-dee-dooper CRAFTSY.COM, too.


Can we talk Chaos Theory for a minute. I have 12 fat quarters in the quilt. I have 10 of those same fabrics to make the scrappy pieced binding. What are the odds that the exact piece of binding would cover the edge of that particular fat quarter? Well, a thousand million percent because it has happened. To be exact, it happened 3 different times in this quilt. I also always wonder what the odds are that a scrappy binding with a handful of seams will have a seam land on a corner…. well, that happens all.the.time too. Good thing I quilt and don’t wrestly with odds and stats, right? I’d be a mad woman. =)

Quilting the Plus Quilt | ReannaLily Designs

To my math nerds out there – Yes, I realize there’s a whole “But not all 12 fabrics are on the perimeter” Yeah. And a whole “Are the strips of equal length?” Yep. And let’s not forget the little stray squares, so we should break it down into squares, not total fabric used. 28 -chance of hitting a fabric square along the edge. Heck break it down in to actual inches of binding vs inches of squares. On and on.

These are the things I think of when I’m binding. Is that normal??

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