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The Plus Quilt

on Jan 28, 2014 in Blog, blogging others, quilt | 0 comments

This weekend I was on Pinterest. Hum, that isn’t really news. I’m on Pinterest ALOT.

This weekend I pinned a GIANT Plus Quilt from Film In The Fridge. It looked straight forward enough and it is all squares and rectangle. You know, I love a good huge quilt block, too.

The GIANT Plus struck me as something that could be totally fat quarter friendly. Then it clicked, far longer time passed than should have for this one- it clicked “Wait, I HAVE fat quarters!” I set forth to do a tiny bit of math to adapt the large scale to an 18″ x 21″ piece of fabric.

My goal for Saturday was now to use up a Fat Quarter bundle.

Plus Quilt Cuttin

I went all analog on it, using a pencil and paper and all instead of a computer. Look me with a pencil and some sketchy squiggle lines. I was feeling pretty victorious, even though I usually do design work on the computer, Illustrator, Photoshop or EQ7. … but this is so straight forward and square-ish. Surely… surely, I won’t screw this up.

Turns out the square size that works best for this pattern + fat quarters is 7″ cut size. I based the whole thing on a 7 inch grid. I then got lazy. {Maybe I should say lazier….} Anywhoo, I decided that I would not cut a whole army of 7″ squares, but rather cut the long rectangles in one piece. That is where my math may have broken down, but it happens.

I ended up going to my 14pc Adorn It Fat Quarter Bundle. 14 Pieces was enough to make a baby quilt, bind it and have 2 fat quarters left over. So… 12 Fat quarters for a baby quilt would have been fine.

The finished quilt size for 12 fat quarters is 45″ x 58″.

Wanna make your own Plus Pattern Baby Quilt? ?Get the PDF worksheet HERE.

Plus Quilt Planning Diagram

In my infinite wisdom, I set out to make the quilt without using a design wall or scattering all the pieces on the floor. When I was cutting the squares, I simply put a swatch on my paper sketch. I have to tell you, I thought I’d screw this step up, but it turned out ok.


All the cut pieces were laid out on the ironing board and all I had to do was follow my chart to assemble 7 easy rows. That, honestly, was very easy. Highly recommend it.

Plus Quilt Rows

It wasn’t until all the rows were complete and I had set forth to join the whole top.,… Ah, 8 easy seams and I’d be finished…. A quilt in about 2 hours, start to finish…. Ah…. Wait…. I had originally cut the longest rectangles and inch too big. !!!! ? Lordy Pete. There may have been a hint of cussing and a tiny bit of grumbling. I may have had a “Seriously, Fractions, why do you do this to me? ” ….Looks like the computer is a pretty good design tool….eyeroll……stinkin pencil….

It was an easy fix, rip a few seams, cut the rectangles down, get it back together.

Baby Quilt Plus Pattern

My quilt didn’t turn out nearly as big as the inspiration photo, but now that I have the REAL cut sizes (listed above), I think I’ll come back and make a few more of these. It really was quite fast and I do have another fat quarter bundle or two to use. Next time, though, now that I won’t be seam ripping going forward [hopefully!] I’ll make this on the serger. How fast will that be?!



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