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Pantone Emerald Challenge and Soar Banner

on Aug 9, 2013 in Blog, book, Hexagons Made Easy, quilt, quilting, SAMQG, Trapunto Style Quilting Designs | 4 comments

The SAMQG issued the “make something quilty” Pantone Emerald Challenge eariler this year. ?I made a quilt. It won a contest and is now out somewhere… taking top secret photos…for something… later this fall. (More details later.) But I didn’t want to go to the big SAMQG reveal empty handed. OhSeeDee. Wanna see the whole collection of challenge quilts in the SAMQG Facebook Photo Album?


Jen Eskridgde - Soar Banner - Emerald Pantone Challenge 2013

Jen Eskridgde – Soar Banner – Emerald Pantone Challenge 2013


I decided to make a quick banner project. I made it on the Wednesday before our monthly Thursday meeting.

First up


I used a small pile of PANTONE EMERALD fabric scraps to create faced triangles. I used the techniques described in Hexagons Made Easy.



Honestly, the banner idea came to me right around here…. I thought- Hum, that is just enough triangles for <blank>. Ah- yes, a banner! hahahah. Love that design process. I cut a rectangle and pinned the triangles onto it, on the design board.



They curve. They twist. They are random. They need to be machine appliqued (stitched down) to the background fabric, though.


It didn’t seem quite interesting enough, so I added some words. I went all trapunto on it. I drew out a top and bottom line, then basically free-hand drew “bubble letters” in the space. That is the sophisticated description. “Bubble Letters” I drew with Frixion pen. Hopefully you’ll be able to see it ok.


I added two layers of batting behind the word and stitched (with water soluble thread) on the frixion pen lines to create the lettering.




Flip the piece over and remove the excess batting from the edges of the letters.


The next steps are to prepare the project for machine quilting. Trace around the letters to secure the trimmed batting and then fill in with all the free motion quilting your heart desires. I hadn’t intended this to be a full-on how-to or tutorial, so the only pictures I have next are the finished quilting photos. You can see a better detailed description of my trapunto how-to on the Baby Weaver quilt post.

Click any photo to see it larger.



Close up on the letters, from the back of the quilted banner.



And the whole back.

Here’s the whole front of the small banner. It finished up about 12″ x 34″. Just the right size for over a crib.



Since this post, the quilt has been bound in solid emerald green solid fabric.

Man, I love doing challenges! I think they are my favorite way to work.


  1. Super cool! I love the “soar”.


    August 11, 2013

  2. Love your blog and your banner.

    Lyndalee Korn

    August 11, 2013

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog!

    Linda West

    August 12, 2013

  4. This looks lovely, love the color combo and the details. Nice job!

    Art Works

    September 5, 2013

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