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Kool-Aid Liquid Snowman Craft Tutorial

on Aug 8, 2013 in Blog, free spirit fabrics, recycle, tutorial | 0 comments

I thought it was about time for a little crafty tutorial. What do ya say?

Have you seen these Kool-Aid Liquids out at the grocery lately? The kids talked the hubbs into buying a few and it turns out, they are GREAT. And… they are perfect for an easy snowman craft. Since it is only August, I think by the time December rolls around, we’d be up to our eyes in Kool-Aid Liquid Snowmen. This one is so easy, I think the kids will really like it too.

Alrighty, lets get to recycling and reusing this little KoolAid container.

This is the first one, and how I made him. I took photos, as you do for a tutorial, but really- I think you’ll figure it out with the first picture.




And here are the supplies you’ll need. (Though, I think for other snowmen that I add to the snowmen horde, I will have a black felt hat. The buttons look waaaayyy too much like Devo’s Whip It! Snowman.)

  • Empty, Clean Kool-Aid Liquid Container
  • Sharpie – Black and Orange
  • Glue – like Aileens or 1600 Glue
  • Scrap Fabric (Anna Maria Horner fabric shown)
  • Stacked Buttons (or not)



Seriously- just a few easy steps.

1. Take off the Kool-Aid packaging and clean the outside of the container with soap and water.

2. Add the sharpie for his eyes, buttons and nose. (His nose is really all orange. There’s a bit of window glare on the picture.)


3. Tie on the fabric scarf and use a dot of glue to secure it. (Poor guy looks like he’s going into surgery.)


4. Stack the buttons on his head, gluing each one as it is added. I used two sizes of buttons and all of these were from a garage sale button stash I have. Maybe I’ll make another guy with RED buttons for the full effect. Great. Now that song is stuck in my head… I bet you do too. You’re welcome. 🙂



That’s it. Let the glue dry. I think I might even add a wire on the back of the scarf (glued down) so that I might even be able to hang these little guys on a Christmas tree or wreath.



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