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Mod Podge Fabric Wreath- Fabric Scrap Project

on Nov 30, 2012 in Blog, recycle, tutorial | 5 comments

Here’s something new-to-me- MOD PODGE. Yes, this would be my very first bottle of the stuff and my first time using it. Whew- is it ever sticky!!! I’m guessing you already knew that, though.

My plan was to make a wreath wrapped in fabric scraps. Lord knows, I have enough fabric scraps. First I snipped up a bunch of scraps and laid them around the wreath to make a color plan. I thought I might make a color-themed project, but then I totally couldn’t decided on which colors to pick. … so I used them all… (Except brown, poor brown.)

Then I painted the Mod Podge onto the Styrofoam wreath, only in the immediate areas where I would place each next piece of fabric. I also ended up writing on the wreath “R O Y G B P” so I could space out the fabric colors once I was holding the project.

I was surprised at how fast this stuff dried. By the time I had worked my way around the circle, I could actually hold the area where my very first fabrics had been placed. {{Which was awesome, because I didn’t really have a back up plan on how to hold or where to set the thing when I was done.}}

Once the whole thing was wrapped and coated in the Mod Podge painted glue, I decided the wreath looked a bit skinny and flat. (HA! Like a supermodel, for your door….)? Well, that was just not going to work out for me, so I made a flower. I cut? some leaf-y shapes, all about 2 1/2″ long and maybe 1 1/4″ wide along the straight edge. Kinda like this:

I used sewing pins with a very small metal head to push straight into the foam wreath and hold the petals and leaves in place. I didn’t use any glue or hot glue. I suppose I might next time, but (gasp) I’m not sure where our hot glue gun is.

So here’s how it turned out. It is festive, but not for any exact holiday and it is bright, just the way it should be for me. I have it hanging on the studio door, as a subtle caution – “FABRIC SCRAPS AHEAD”? deal. =)


  1. I love your studio’s supermodel!

    Jo Ann

    November 30, 2012

  2. I like it! You don’t ever have to take it down. It works for all holidays. Have a great Christmas. Shirley in Rio Rancho

    Shirley Beaupre

    November 30, 2012

  3. Great tutorial…I am thinking this might be the birthday gift for my friendship group this week!

    Mary Ann

    November 30, 2012

  4. Awesome outcome for a first time!! Love the supermodel reference!!


    December 1, 2012

  5. Very creative, love it!

    Annie Payano

    October 30, 2013

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