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Sew It All TV Taping

on Oct 24, 2011 in accessories, Blog, blogging others, Press, sewing | 2 comments

I’m back from taping my segment on Sew It All TV. I have never done anything like that before… ever. That was SO much fun. It really wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

First hair and make-up. Like dork, I did my make-up and fixed my hair at the hotel. I really didn’t know if it was “from scratch” or “to make me not shiney” kinda make-up. Turns out, a little of both. The stylist, Angela, did a great job making my curly hair curly, too. It was really fun. The best part was getting a make-over without the “and the next product we’re using is blah blah and it costs XX dollars.”? She did have many many products in her little arsenal, though.

Side note 1: I was so fixed up that, 6 hours later, at the airport, I got carded. Yep. I asked the waiter “Y’all, have to card everyone don’t you?”? And he says “No, just if they look under 30” Whooohooo! I’ll take it!!!! Thanks, Angela!

Side note 2:? While at the airport, I still had really springy curly big hair. (Which is cool, since I am from TX and all.)? So I go through airport security and the lady says “Step to the side for a pat down.”? What?? Seriously. Geeeees…. Well, as it turns out, they only had to pat down my HAIR! hahahaha. Who hides contraband/weapons in a biggish-hair hair-do??? Seriously. It was super funny to me, probably less funny to the TSA agent.

After the great miracle makeover of 2011, it was a quick bite to eat and then onto the set. The set is really really orange. I think in the pictures (on the blog) the orange might make my skin read kind-a oompa-loompa-y, but I’m sure it will look normal on their fancy cameras. There were 3 or 4 cameras + camera guys + mic/sound guy + a director + Kim from Sew It All who relayed the countdown & timing from the director. Lots goes into a short 30 minute show. And none of the stuff I saw includes all the post production, editing, etc. That is ALOT of work.

And here’s an interesting bit. They film the entire season in about two weeks. It make sense. There’s a wardrobe change for the host for each new guest. After another two hours or so, it will be tomorrow again. And again. New shirt, new hair. There are 13 shows in a season, for now and my taping was the 13th. Lucky #13, I hope.

The set was quite a bit bigger than I thought it’d be. It was two rooms worth of space, easily. They scattered my bags around the set and even displayed the book on the bookshelf (on the far left of the shot above).

We did a walk through of “this is how you make the bag” and did all the blocking at that time. We decided that day what we’d be pointing to and what things we’d actually be sewing. The host, Ellen March, also set up the cues for things like ‘running out of time’ and ‘turn this around’ type things.

I thought we’d be taping and there’d be alot of ACTION and CUT moments. As it turns out, we filmed from beginning to end in one take. The time absolutely flew by. In fact, I never even saw a time/cue card. (Nor did I really know where to look when I was speaking. Look at the project?? Look at the host?? Look at the Camera 1/2/3? Who knows?)? I was just talking and sewing and pointing and then all of a sudden – lets take it to the table, discuss the finishing buttons and CUT. Wow. It was so fast. I had no idea if we were finished at that point. I didn’t know if I did well, or a bit crummy. I just stood their waiting a bit [deer in headlights look] and then finally asked if we’d shoot it again. They said nope, and that was a wrap!

We were filming Season 3, which starts March 2012. Be sure to call your PBS affiliate to request Sew It All TV in your area. As for the fun free bag pattern, look for that next spring as the show airs.

Thank you so much for inviting me. I had an absolute blast and really hope I have the opportunity to do more things like this in the future.

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  1. Hiding stuff in your “big hair!” Now that made me chuckle!!!


    October 24, 2011

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