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Quilt Room Tour – Prairie Quilt Guild

on Sep 12, 2011 in Blog, business, videos, wichita kansas | 2 comments

Saturday was the big Quilt Studio Tour, put on by the Prairie Quilt Guild. The guild sold over 200 tickets to tour 6 homes in the Wichita area. Thank you thank you to all the ladies (and 4 gents) who stopped by my studio. My studio was on the tour. I know you’ve seen a couple studio pictures on the blog before, but as with everything- the room is ever-evolving.

For the tour, though, I actually had quilts displayed all over the living room and dining room of the house, as well as, having the studio clean and open to guests. (below) I arranged 4 quilts on my stair rail for display. Right when guests walked in, they could also see a couple sewing machines on my plant ledge. Other sewing machines are in my living room, on that plant ledge. You can see those in the video.

I also laid quilts over the back of my couches, and I did end up covering the kitchen table with a quilt too. I’m telling you, there were quilts EVERYWHERE.

Then, onto the studio.

Studio notes:

My design wall, is a cork board covered in flannel. My chair is a floor model from IKEA, covered with IKEA fabric. My large uniform fabric stash is now stored downstairs. All the bright fabrics are organized by color, in two (stacked) Target cubby organizer things. The neutrals and cut pieces are mostly in the closet. The “cutting line” for those large scissors is really just electrical tape. The black and white photo is of my grandparents, on their wedding day, July 6th, 1945. I have a big glass bowl on the window sill that holds a few scraps. And- my friend tells me she purchased the shelf buddies from this website I didn’t make every quilt on display in my home/studio. – – Wow. That was a bunch of disjointed sentences, right??

Then at 9a, the room filled with ladies and continued to have to have a pretty steady flow of over 200 guests, right up until 4p, when the tour ended. Y’all, let me tell you- there were more people at the Quilt Room Tour, in my house, than there were at my own wedding! It was amazing.

I went ahead and blurred the faces of my guests- since I wasn’t able to ask them if they wanted to be on the blog. They seemed to like the space and had a good afternoon. I know I did- but man oh man, was I tired!!!

So in case you missed it and really wanted to “walk through” the living room, studio and peek at the shower curtain in the hallway bathroom, I went ahead and made a video. Was the video just for the tour?? Mostly… well, that and to prove that my house has been REALLY clean (once). =)? Brace yourself for some serious cinematography and unscripted narration by moi.


  1. You are one brave woman to let a bunch of quilters into your home to fondle your fabrics, quilts, etc. Yes, I totally believe that your studio has never been that clean. And what did you do with the kids and husband that day???

    Great job on the video. We need to talk about how you put it together…off-line. Loved the tour! Thanks for sharing.


    September 12, 2011

  2. Whoot hoot! We made a shout out on the virtual tour. : )


    September 13, 2011

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