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Project Linus-

on Jan 2, 2009 in charity, quilting, sewing | 5 comments

A couple years back we, the family, did a few Project Linus quilts all together. It was really fun to work on them as a family. This year, 2008, we did it again. The hubby did all the cutting, helped arrange and did the pinning. The kids helped with the arranging of the “puzzle pieces” and I did the sewing.
The first thing I did was sort out a stack of misshaped pieces. This is a total de-stash quilt. I then instructed the hubby to use his brilliant math skills to cut as many, larger pieces out of the odd shapes- as long as they were multiples of 3″. So (without the seam allowances) 3 x 3 or 3 x 9 or 6×6 or 12 x 12- You see, this way, they’d all go back together in the end.

To my surprise, we didn’t have that many stray pieces left over from the cutting process. The trick it to cut the largest piece you can- 12×12, so that in the end, if you need to cut it down- you can.

He looks like he’s done with pictures, right? Evidentially I’m messing with his creative chi. hee hee. I did manage to snap one more though, when he wasn’t looking. =)

And I quilted the small quilt myself on the Elna 3007. I did the free motion, with large meandering. The quilt is also machine bound.

The sweet kiddo not pictured in the arranging, is holding the quilt. {technically, still not pictured.} whoops.

My dad has affectionately dubbed this Oklahoma from the Sky, in winter. I suppose that is what most of the farmland must look like right now.

Since the quilt has big chunky pieces and I did have an expert team passing me fabric pieces “These two go together mom… no no, like this.” It was finished in a weekend. I definitely should quilt more, with the family, de-stashing, for charity in 2009. It was very fun- and I think they enjoyed it, too.


  1. What a great family project. This is something I want to do this year, too. Thanks for posting this!

    Waldeck Dry Goods

    January 2, 2009

  2. It looks great. And the recipient will definitely all the love put into it! It’s always nice to get the whole family involved with charity projects.


    January 2, 2009

  3. What a timely post! I was just sitting here trying to figure out what to do with my Girl Scout troop (14 year olds) the next few meetings. This would be perfect. I’ll run it by the girls (by way of your blog) and see what they say. I’ll keep you posted!


    January 2, 2009

  4. That’s a lovely quilt!


    January 3, 2009

  5. It is beautiful!!!
    Happy New Year!

    Anita Davies

    January 3, 2009

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