Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate

ReannaLily Quilts | Gift Certificate | Jen Eskridge

Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate

Are you gift shopping? Do you know a quilter?

You are in the right spot!

ReannaLily Quilts | Feathers | Jen Eskridge | Longarm Quilting Service

He or she would love the gift of a finished quilt! Quilters will create a “top sheet” and often send it to a longarm machine quilter to have the quilt finished. This gift card is for the longarm quilting service.

Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt | Longarm Quilting | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

This product listing is for a $50 Gift Card! Simply add to cart, add the recipient’s email with a short message and you are set. It really is that easy! You’ll be on your way to having the happiest quilter this gift giving season.

Read more about the longarm quilting services and prices at ReannaLilyQuilts.com.

I am based in the San Antonio Texas area and am happy to work with clients locally, nationally or around the world.


Please note this coupon is for Longarm Services and I do not think it will work as a “coupon code” when shopping on my site. Sorry, I don’t have that feature/function yet. If you’d like to apply it to products, just send me an email. reannalilydesigns@gmail.com

Stitches Be Crazy T-Shirt

Stitches be Crazy | ReannaLily Designs | Novelty T-Shirt


Are you laughing?
You NEED this shirt.

Stitches Be Crazy

is a fun novelty shirt from ReannaLily Designs.

Currently, the shirt is only offered in Dark Heather Grey with white print.

The quality shirts are by?gildan shirt logo.

Available in size Large (L)? and Extra Large (XL) and 2XL and 3XL. Please specify your size when you check out.

If you are buying for Christmas, download this?“printable” IOU to give, letting your friend know that the shirt is in the mail.

(I’m having a web hiccup/operator error with setting the size right here on the page. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.)

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UPDATED TO ADD: This product is out of stock. I’ll update this page when it becomes available. You can pre-order and will be notified when the shirt is back in stock. Thanks!

Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide

Tired of having inaccurate seams? Is your sewing machine covered in masking
tape for your wider hemming and sewing needs? Wish you had a REAL guide
beyond the metal throat plate? Do you have a metric machine and need
an “inches” guide for your new patterns?

Seamingly Accurate? Seam Guide

Scroll Down to see the INSTALL Video

Seamingly Accurate? is a new product allowing you to sew hems, apply
trims, quickly make half-square-triangles and more without permanently
altering your sewing machine! This product has been designed by me,
owner and founder of ReannaLily Designs. I found, in my commissioned
sewing endeavors, that I really needed more sewing guide lines. It occurred
to me, that you might also.

Read this customer review over on Create Kids Couture HERE.

Make FAST Half Square Triangles with the Seamingly Accurate??Check out this super quick how-to for half square triangles:

Apply trim to the edge of any stitched project without pinning or measuring. This is a speedy method:

Seamingly Accurate? has been an editor’s pick for “Best Half Square Triangle” method in a few different magazines. And the guide was even offered as a sweepstakes prize for Vogue Pattern Magazine. Click the magazines to read more about the article.

Seamingly Accurate? was also included in QuiltyBox’s monthly subscription box. Hooray!

October Quilty Box | Seamingly Accurate Seam Guide by Jen Eskridge

How To Install the Seamingly Accurate? Seam Guide

1. Peel off the backing of Seamingly Accurate? to expose the repositionable adhesive.

2. Apply Seamingly Accurate? to your sewing machine over and around the throat
plate, lining up the black “needle line” of Seamingly Accurate? with your needle as shown.

Use any straight lines on your machine such as the edge of the throat plate to help you line up your Seamingly Accurate? straight on your machine. Use a ruler to help you. Remember that you can remove and reposition it many times if needed. If you have an accessory case that opens or a removable table, or free-arm bed, make a cut in the Seamingly Accurate? so you can open your accessory case or remove your arm or table without removing Seamingly Accurate?. You can position Seamingly Accurate? any way you like.

3. Using a craft knife, cut around your metal throat plate and bob-bin case. Remove this piece of paper, or you can mark where you want to cut with a pencil, remove Seamingly Accurate? from your machine, cut with scissors, and reposition Seamingly Accurate? on the machine. If you have an accessory case that opens or a removable table, or free-arm bed, make a cut in the Seamingly Accurate? so you can open your accessory case or remove your arm or table without removing Seamingly Accurate?.

4. Now your guide is fitted to your sewing machine and can be easily used.

ReannaLily Designs | Seamingly Accurate

Your throat plate position will vary depending on your sewing machine brand.
ReannaLily Designs recommends removing that portion, in case you need access
to that pesky bobbin case during your sewing afternoon.

Seamingly Accurate? is protected by copyright. You may NOT copy,
sell or distribute this product for your own profit without consent from
ReannaLily Designs.

Seamingly Accurate? is also a protected registered trademark.