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Scrappy Dresdens for a Cause

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Scrappy Dresdens for a Cause

In December, one of my closest friends lost her mom to cancer.   She, I, and our other closest friend are going to work together on a bed-size Scrappy Dresden pattern quilt to donate to MD Anderson’s 2015 Quilt Auction.

The friends working on the project are all making dresden blocks with whatever scraps we have on hand.  Here’s my scraps.  There’s loads “on-hand.”

Quilting Fabric Scraps | ReannaLily Designs

We’re each cutting our dresdens, using the EZ Dresden Ruler, to measure 7″ tall.  The middles might vary a bit, though.

Stitched Dresden Wedge Points | ReannaLiy Designs

These are my wedges.  It is 160 total wedges.  Phew.  That is a pretty good collection of fabric right there.  I quite proud.  =)

I put together a quick video to show my super scrappy dresdens.

Next, we will each be machine stitching our dresden flowers to a white background.   All the blocks will be mailed to me for final assembly & quilting.  Stay tuned.  I’m sure I’ll have more posts/pics as we work on this group quilt.

Graffiti Quilting by Karlee Porter

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Graffiti Quilting by Karlee Porter

Graffiti Quilting

Have you guys seen all the Graffiti Quilting posts on Pinterest and Instagram.  Do a search for #graffitiquilting.  I’ll wait….

Well, I love the look.  The Graffiti Quilting is based off a new, self-published book by Karlee Porter.  I cannot imagine self-publishing, but boy, she gives me hope.  This book is everywhere!  I got my copy for Christmas.

I started with some of the design motifs she describes in the book to work on designs in markers.

Graffiti Quilting Style Doodle | ReannaLily Designs

Eh.  Blue was ok.  It isn’t my favorite.  Luckily, I had more markers and more paper.

Graffiti Quilting Style Doodle | ReannaLily Designs

The orange I like.  Well, I say that.  I don’t really like those arrows.  They are pretty much the only thing I see when I look at the doodle.

Graffiti Quilting Style Doodle | ReannaLily Designs

So I made another doodle, sans arrows.  The green is my FAV, and my 3rd one.  Practice Practice Practice, apparently that works a bit.

Next up was to try it in fabric.

Graffiti Quilting Style| ReannaLily Designs

This is a variegated gold/brown thread on the neutral stripe background.  Karlee mentions in the book that in order to get thick “marker lines” in thread, just trace over that curve/shape a couple times.  Ok, that is awesome 1/ for the look but 2/ if your curve/shape has a lump, the thicker thread tracing will smooth it out.  The stitched piece is only my first one so far and it is probably about 11″ x 14″ or so.  It isn’t huge, but did give me enough room to give this free motion quilting style a go.

I now have to try to figure out how I can get these mixed quilty designs on a regular quilt, not just on “whole cloth” pieces.  How would that work?  What would it look like?

Have you tried the graffiti quilting?


Practicing Quilted Feathers

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Practicing Quilted Feathers

I quilt.

I love quilting.

I’m not so good at quilting feathers.

2015 will be the Year of the Feather


Now you’re up to speed, let me show you what I’ve been doing.  I’m on instagram.  That might be an understatement.  I seriously need a twelve step program for instagram.  I mean, there’s so much inspiration and good stuff over there.  People are making the most amazing things and giving you quick photo-references for how they are going about creating.

I found a longarm quilter named @trudi_wood.  Her work is great.  She recently posted a quilt where she marked out the spines of the quilted feathers and then just set out to make some pretty amazing quilting.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

I started small.  My first big planned attempt at feathers is going to be done on my house machine, not a longarm.  It is also on a small-ish piece of bright HELLO-HOW-YA-DOIN lime green fabric.  It is a bit smaller than a fat quarter.

Now the orginal inspiration has the main spine marked with lovely, clear longarm Handi-Quilter circle rulers.  Um… I don’t have those.  BUT I do have plates.  Nothing but the finest Fiesta ware, from a thrift store in Austin.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

First pass was a little lumpy, but not too bad.  I think I was thinking too much.  Sometimes that happens, right?  Thankfully, I did loosen up a tiny bit on my second pass.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

With just a few lumps, I decided they’d be less noticeable if I tried to echo around the feather shape.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

And echo again… just for good measure.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

And add in some straight lines in the background because that was in the inspiration photo from instagram.  In the inspiration photo, though, I believe she had some matchstick quilting.  I tired that on this quilt.  I don’t see me doing that again any time soon.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

Overall, not too bad.  Angela Walters had the best advice in one of her videos where she says “Pretend every feather is a half of a heart shape.”  That really really, mentally, helps me remember how to curve the feather.  But I do need a bit more practice.  For now, I’ll take my feathers like a looney tunes cartoon character takes tea: “One lump or two”  =)

2015 The Year of the Feather

Make It! Patchwork

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Make It! Patchwork

Make It Patchwork | F+W Media


I’m so honored to be included in this magazine.  It is a total collection of designers’ work from quilts, to home, to accessories.  The ReannaLily Designs project included is a cute cute tiny linen coin purse.

The purse features mini hexagons on a small zip-top linen bag.  You’ll have to roll over to page 56 to see the pattern.


Working with Nancy Zieman Productions

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Working with Nancy Zieman Productions

Nancy Zieman Blog Badge

I have some news, though the blog title *kinda* gives it away…

I am going to be working with Nancy Zieman Productions!

This is a fantastic opportunity.

Did you know Sewing with Nancy is the longest-running, sewing based television show?  30+ years.
Did you know it is one of the only nationally syndicated shows?

The original job post came across my Facebook feed and said “Writer and Product Developer”.  Oh that would be an amazing career!  I set forth to clean up my resume and get that over to their HR people.  I did a phone interview, a skype interview, and a pattern writing audition interview.  WOWSA.  I cannot believe it, still.

The company is based in Wisconsin.  Thankfully, my experience writing for other fabric companies, designers and magazines has geared me up to the responsibilities of working “off-site”.

I gave my notice at my 40-hr-week day job on Dec 22nd.   I had worked there for just a little over 2 years.  It wasn’t sewing/quilting related, so I really didn’t talk about it much.

Anywho – now we are back on the sewing/quilting track.  High fives all around!  “Look under your seats!  You get a high-five, YOU get a high-five, EVERYONE GETS A HIGH FIVE.”  …. did you read that in your best Oprah voice?

I’m going to keep writing here, at ReannaLily Designs.  I’ll also keep providing free patterns and tutorials, as well as, new designs in the shop.   Lectures and Workshops will still be rockin’ and rollin’, too.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted!  Stay tuned.

Pinch me!!

Text Trapunto Class

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Text Trapunto Class

This Saturday is the first Text Trapunto Class.  It filled up quite quickly, and I’m super excited to show the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild some of my tricks for making words/fonts on quilts.

Text Trapunto Class | Monogramed Quilt Block | ReannaLily Designs


In the class we are going to make the block above.  Rather than have everyone bring a quilt or print fonts/words or plan a phrase, one block will get you the technique and give you a good understanding of how to make the letters pop off your quilts.  And the cool part- if it turns out, you can still use it as a mini swap project, pillow or bag front.

I even put together batting packs for the class.

Batting Rolls | ReannaLily Designs | Text Trapunto Class

Not sure the students will needs these; they may have already rounded up their batting scraps and are ready for Saturday.  But it is good to be prepared.

Batting Rolls | ReannaLily Designs | Text Trapunto Class


I even jammed out little tags.  What a morning.   All of the “step-outs” or steps for creating the block, are finished.  Hum.  I wonder if I numbered them…..

Wish me luck!!


Batting Rolls | ReannaLily Designs | Text Trapunto Class


I’m sure I’ll be back to post all the details and photos from the class.  And of course, if you want info about having the class at your shop or guild, check out the deets here and send me an email.

2014 Top Blogger

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2014 Top Blogger

Thanks so much, FaveQuilts!  My Jelly Roll Braid Quilt is one of the top projects of 2014.  See some of the other many many many FREE quilts & projects on their Top Sewing/Quilting Projects Round-up.

Top Sewing Blogger


The Jelly Roll Braid Quilt has been on the site for a while now, but I’m always floored that it continues to be one of the most popular posts on the blog.  Thanks for the support!  Thanks for checking out the tutorials and freebies!

Hexagons Made Easy Wallhanging

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Hexagons Made Easy Wallhanging

Hexagons Hexagons Hexagons

Hexagons Made Easy | Wall Hanging | ReannaLily DesignsPhew – sorry, that is a bit blurry -

I have a friend who is looking for a couple quilts to showcase some amazing machine quilting.  So… um… yea, I’ll get in on that.  She is the amazing machine quilter at Nacho Mama’s Quilt blog.

I made up a wall hanging, in the same style as the Hexagons Made Easy workshop kit.  This wall hanging features techniques from the book and has 20 hexagons arranged in a modern style.

Why Modern?

Well, there is lots of asymmetry, lots of negative space, and not so much “folk” elements (like blanket stitched hand applique shapes).  That pretty much says modern to me.

The fabrics in the wall hanging are by Denyse Schmidt for Joanns.

First, I applied the facings to the hexagons, as described in Hexagons Made Easy & pressed my shapes.  Then I arranged them & pinned them in place.

Next up – straight stitch machine applique.

Hexagons Made Easy | Wall Hanging | ReannaLily Designs

Of course, it needs a quick trip to the iron, but this is the finished composition.  The wall hanging is about 40″ square.  I will not be quilting this myself, so I cannot wait to see what Danielle @ Nacho Mama Quilts will turn this into.  Stay tuned.  There’s plenty of space for something amazing.

Hexagons Made Easy | Wall Hanging | ReannaLily Designs

The small wall hanging isn’t too jazzy yet, but it is designed for the quilting to really make it spectacular.  Just trust me on this one…  =)

Hexagon Snowmen Quilt

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Hexagon Snowmen Quilt

Do I want to build a SNOWMAN?

Yes I do!

I hope you are all ready this holiday season for all the happiness, family, friends and gifts.  I have this little frozen guy to share with you.  He’s so fast and fun.

In the book Hexagons Made Easy, there’s a Snowman table runner made with 4 quilt blocks.  Cute right?  But I needed to make a gift, just a bit faster….

Hexagon Snowman | ReannaLily Designs | Hexagons Made Easy


I changed it up a bit and used two hexagons to make a smaller, single-block Hexagon Snowman Wallhanging, featuring the same technique described in the book.

Hexagon Snowman | ReannaLily Designs | Hexagons Made Easy

I opted to have a non-holiday background fabric and two fabric scraps of patterned white fabric will make his body.

Hexagon Snowman | ReannaLily Designs | Hexagons Made Easy

Um, yeah.  He’s gonna need some clothes.  Thankfully, I actually have leftover felted sweater scraps in my sewing room.  (That’s not weird, right??)  I machine appliqued the prepared hexagons to the background using a straight stitch.  And then added his “clothes” once his body was complete.  I considered button eyes, but then I thought – every craft snowman has round button eyes…. I think I can give him some personality if he has felted cashmere sweater eyes.  I did have to hand sew those on, by the way.

Hexagon Snowman | ReannaLily Designs | Hexagons Made Easy


The quilting was very fast since the piece is only 14″ x 16″.  I just quickly stitched some wavy vertical lines on the background.  He’s not going to be washed, so I really am not all that worried about the density of the quilting.  I did echo quilt a tiny bit within his body.  (see below)

Hexagon Snowman | ReannaLily Designs | Hexagons Made Easy


After I bound him in red, he’s finished.  He’s ready to head over to my friend’s house for the winter.

Stitches be Extra Crazy

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Stitches be Extra Crazy

ReannaLily Designs | TShirt | Stitches Be Crazy

Stitches Be Crazy in 2X and 3X

I’m so happy to offer this funky fresh shirt in sizes 2X and 3X.  Those sizes will ship on Dec 24th.

Not too worry, I have a fun printable, if you need it, to let your bff know that the shirt will arrive shortly after Christmas.