Jen EskridgeMy name is Jen Eskridge.  I have been sewing as long as I can remember.  I started out on an old burnt yellow, Harvest Gold, {the color of the ’70s that was NOT avocado} Singer sewing machine.  My mother taught me the basics and I proceeded to make about 4000 pillows for my Barbies.  I made my first quilt in 1993.  I didn’t use any books or templates, and that poor quilt eventually fell apart.  It was recycled, though, into a curtain, duct taped over a dorm room window.

Fast forward a bit:  I earned my degree in Apparel Design in 1998 from Louisiana State University.  Although I started working in retail management, I quickly moved to interior design and ultimately found myself quilting and sewing for my own company, ReannaLily Designs.  During that time, I also taught quilting at a national crafting store.  My company’s *virtual* doors closed in 2006 when our family relocation took us to South Korea.  The website and company was re-launched in 2007, once I found server space overseas.

I have traveled the world gathering inspiration and ideas for my designs and patterns.  From Korea,  and China, Japan, to North America, England and France, I have found many cultural and historical elements to guide my interest and creativity.

Previously, I moved around often.   At each new city, I meet a wonderful collection of new friends.  I find that I am often asked to sew and design for people, teach classes to small groups or give private individual lessons. This is how the website was born.  I’d like to keep the clients, the gallery and the business through many many more family moves.

ReannaLily Designs Headquarters is located in Helotes, TX.

ReannaLily Designs Focus:

I have added quilting and sewing patterns, and the Seamingly Accurate® product to my business, in Summer 2008.  Please look around, you may find something you cannot live without.  New patterns are arriving frequently, so do check out my “the patterns” page.   I’m so excited to share that I worked  with Art Gallery Fabrics, writing 7 patterns in their accessories pattern line.  Many of those patterns are available here in the ReannaLily Designs pattern shop. You can find many of my patterns on the  QuiltWoman.com site.  The patterns are distributed by ReannaLily Designs.

BIG BOOK NEWS for 2013: Look for two books from Jen Eskridge to release in April.  One book is with Leisure Arts and the other with Martingale Press.  I will also be a contributing author in two additional titles, also releasing at the Portland 2013 Quilt Market.

Tour one of the ReannaLily Designs studios in the youtube video here.  I quite enjoy working with your Recycled Uniforms- this is a link to the flickr gallery of Recycled Uniform projects.

My designs feature a variety of techniques and fabrics, generally creating an eclectic surprise ending.  Sure, I know what I like, and I know how I want a piece to turn out,. However, through the design process, each item grows and evolves into the masterpiece you see today.  Some designs are patterned and some are original.  Some designs are commissioned, to become the vision of the client, others are my own work for my own taste.  Check out my gallery.

I’m currently a member of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild.

Thank you so much to all my friends and clients who have brought me this far on my journey to fulfill my design dream.    Thanks for your support!