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Wool Artwork Inspired by Ellen Giggenbach

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Wool applique has me in its clutches! That sounds worse than it is, really. But I am having a great time finding inspiration and making unique, not-necessarily-quilted items.

Today’s inspiration comes from Ellen Giggenbach. I found Ellen’s artwork on Pinterest, then followed it through to her Etsy shop.

This blog post is presented with Ellen’s permission.

Ellen Giggenbach Etsy- Art Print

The lines are so clean and the peacock is so quirky. It is just perfect. I took some liberties when I translated her design into wool.

Ellen Giggenbach Inspired Peacock - Jen Eskridge

It isn’t an exact copy, and I’m sure the size is distorted a tiny bit, but it was fun to make something that was 100% derivative of paper/graphic artwork. My finished piece is 16″ x 16″.

Once I finished the peacock, I thought he looked lonely. Wouldn’t you know it, Ellen has other fantastic design inspiration. Please take a minute to shop over at her “Joyful, vibrant store” on Etsy.

Ellen Giggenbach Etsy- Art Print

And with that a peacock family was born. This second piece is also 16″ x 16″.

Ellen Giggenbach Inspired Peacock - Jen Eskridge - Artwork from etsy inspiring wool applique

My two wool pieces were prepped by cutting shapes and glue-basting them in place. Some pieces are printed cotton fabrics, which are prepared using the Appliquik Method.

Like my previous post on my 5″ x 7″ wool art pieces, I wrapped these large peacocks around foam core board and secured the fabric in place with stitches.

Wool Applique Wall Art by Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

These two peacocks live on the wall on a hallway in my house.

Who knows where the next inspiration will strike and where it will lead. Keep your eyes open folks, artwork is all around you.

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