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Colorado Avalanche Quilt

on Jul 31, 2017 in Blog, Featured, Longarm Quilting Gallery | 1 comment

Every quilt I finish for a customer poses its own unique challenges. This traditional Lone Star Quilt (90″ x 90″) was no different, until we added in the Colorado Avalanche logo* – then the magic happened.

My quilt customer brought me this printed image, which I’m certain is owned by the NHL. She wanted me to interpret it onto a quilt, as her son is a HUGE Avalanche fan. I like to draw, so I figured, “Sure, lets quilt the logo!” (or a version of the logo)

The first step was developing some kind of template to trace in chalk to allow a total of four logos to appear identical.

The design/style notes in green sharpie may not make much sense in the photo, but paired with a traditional quilting fill, the logo will blend right in!

I added windy-swirls and snowballs into the large blank spaces of the quilt. The plan is to add them around the logo, as well.

Step one was to loosely quilt out the “A” design in navy blue contrasting thread.

Then, I needed to add more wind and snowballs around the design to make the “A” stand out. Of course, the bobbin thread coordinates with the top thread for this super-custom design. As luck would have it, I was able to make seven bobbins in maroon before this happened:

On the upside, the blue “A” would have blue bobbin thread, so in theory, I had enough. (cough cough cough)

My sweet customer provided wide muslin for the back. At first I was so nervous because this meant you could see every single stitch! As time went on and the areas were filled, the muslin turned out really cool.

The logo quilt truly was a fantastic challenge! I love how the quilt turned out and thankfully, so did my customer. Thank you for the opportunity to finish your quilts.

If you have a quilt that needs finishing, read more at

*The “A” logo is most certainly owned by the NHL. I don’t claim to own it in any fashion. I simply had a customer who wanted an interpretation of the design on her quilt.


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    August 1, 2017

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