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Mini Quilt Zip Top Bag

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miniquilt-zipbag-jeneskridge-16Mini Quilt Transformed into Zip Top Bag

Are you addicted to internet mini quilt swaps? Are you running out of wall space? I have a cure for you.


This above mini was part of a Heartbeat Table Runner pattern by Nancy Zieman.

Turn your mini quilt into a zippered bag with a couple easy steps. The best part: It doesn’t matter what size your mini quilt is!


You’ll need a zipper roughly the same length or slightly longer than the short side of your mini quilt. Plastic, non-separating zippers work best.

If your zipper is shorter than your mini’s edge, you may want to sew zipper tabs to each end. Basically, you will be covering the zipper ends with fabric. Craftsy has a tutorial for zipper tab ends.



My zipper is almost the exact size as my table runner. (It is the “wrong” kind of zipper. This one, from my stash, is a separating zip like you’d use in a jacket. I stitched a zigzag tack stitch over the teeth to keep the zipper from fully coming apart.)


Pin the right side of the zipper to the wrong side of the quilt at the binding. The zipper tape should extend past the binding a small amount.


I pin parallel to the zipper tape to keep things straight.


Start stitching right inside the side binding. Working from the wrong side, edge-stitch along the zipper tape. The stitching line should fall right on the edge of the binding, when looking at it from the front. The binding itself will create a sort of lip around the zipper. (below)


Unzip the zipper and apply to the opposite side. Pretend you are making a tube at this point, if that helps. Make sure the zipper’s right side is touching the quilt’s wrong side. See the “twist” on the lower right of the photo below?


The zipper is in place, and the mini quilt looks like a tube. I’m going to leave my zipper ends exposed and not covered with fabric tabs.


At this point you have a few bag options:

Flat Pouch

If you like this flat pouch style, you can simply stitch the right and left sides of the bag. Do this by lining up the right and left bindings, and sew along the binding’s stitching line or in-the-ditch. If I opted for this method, I would simply cut off the excess zipper tape as the final step.miniquilt-zipbag-jeneskridge-9

Standing Bag

Option two is the standing bag.

  • To make a standing bag, first close the zipper.
  • Flatten the bag with the zipper as one folded edge and the bag bottom as the other folded edge.
  • Stitch along the right and left seams either on the binding or in-the-ditch next to the binding.


  • Next, turn the bag inside out.
  • Match the side seam with the bottom fold. Open the two bound edges flat.


  • Pin a triangle shape where the side seam and bottom folds meet.
  • Sew across the triangle. This will create the width of the bag’s bottom. The size of the triangle will vary related to the size of your mini. For my bag, my triangles were about 1-1/2″ from seam line to point.


  • Cut the excess triangle fabric 1/4″ past the stitching line.


  • Use a zigzag stitch or serger to finish this interior cut edge. Sew slowly; there’s a great deal of bulk at the side seam line.


  • Repeat the triangle treatment for both lower corners of the bag.
  • Turn the bag right-side out.
  • This is how the lower corner should look:


  • And a peek inside:


Yep. My mini quilt turned zip top bag is ready to go!


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