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Double Aster Barn Quilt

on Apr 12, 2016 in Blog, quilt | 3 comments

Suburban Barn Quilt | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

Barn Quilt!

Last year I made a barn quilt for my mom. She lives “in the country” and actually has space for a barn quilt. It is finished and hung, though you cannot see it from the road. Why do I mention that? Well- as it turns out, when I bought the wood for mom’s barn quilt, I purchased a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood and had them cut the wood in half at the store. Perfect. Two 4′ x 4′ squares! This past weekend, I was able to finally use the second square for myself.

I am combining a couple blog ideas from my very own blog to create my new Barn Quilt:

The blog posts:

First post: I chose the block, Double Aster, based on this collection of posts on my larger Double Aster quilt. It is a 50″ quilt that I made in fabric. See how small those Fiskar Scissors are in comparison to the block?Star Quit Block

The second blog post is a full?tutorial for creating the barn quilt, which I authored. I used primer (applied with a brush) and spray paint.Ohio Star Barn Quilt by Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

Painting the NEW?Barn Quilt

The Double Aster block when enlarged fits on a 5 x 5 grid. For the fabric quilt, it was ideal to work in 10″ sections to create a 50″ block. For a 48″ x 48″ piece of wood, I had to do a tiny bit of math to mark off my sections.Suburban Barn Quilt | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

I taped everything off with blue painter’s tape and masked the area with paper.

I was able to spray more carefully this time around and very little paint bled below the tape line.Suburban Barn Quilt | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

My spray paint dried quite quickly which made this a fast project.Suburban Barn Quilt | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

Once the piece was sealed, it was ready to be hung. (You can see the sunlight progressing in the pictures on my day of painting.)Suburban Barn Quilt | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

I don’t have a barn. I have a regular house in the regular suburbs. BUT I totally have a wooden fence! My “barn quilt” cannot be seen from the road but looks fine to me from my back porch. It is the official Fence Quilt. I wonder how many other folks have Fence Quilts? Now I have to go see if that is an existing hashtag….

I screwed the piece directly into the fence and then painted over the screw heads with coordinating paint.

Suburban Barn Quilt | Jen Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs


  1. That is so cool! I want a fence quilt. Shirley

    Shirley Beaupre

    April 12, 2016

  2. great idea the fence


    April 12, 2016

  3. How absolutely wonderful! I never thought of doing something like that, but I sure will now. Many thanks for sharing your enormous talents.


    April 13, 2016

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