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Scrappy Trip Along

on Aug 4, 2015 in Blog, SAMQG | 3 comments

Scrappy Trip Along Quilt

Scrappy Trip Along | Brown | ReannaLily Designs

The San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild fired up a Scrappy Trip Along quilt along this summer. It is a fun fast pattern AND it uses precut strips (jelly rolls). Cool, right?

I started out with a collection of strips that I cut myself. I ended up not using a precut jelly roll fabric bundle.

Scrappy Trip Along | Brown | ReannaLily Designs

The design is a strip-pieced quilt. You sew rows of strips, sew them into “tubes” and then cut them. All the directions are over on Bonnie Hunter’s?Quiltville website. Strip-piecing quilts are so easy! If you haven’t tried one, you should give it a go.

Scrappy Trip Along | Brown | ReannaLily Designs

The pattern can look super scrappy by using any color in any placement. The trick to making this scrap quilt have order is to choose a common color/fabric to place in the diagonal position of each block. I went with a dark browns.

Scrappy Trip Along | Brown | ReannaLily Designs

Fortunately/Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the directions exactly. My blocks are 16″ square and I decided to make as many as I could with the strips I had cut. This turned out a little brown baby quilt sized piece.

I know on the Quiltville site there are many Scrappy Trip Along quilts with borders. I think the whole modern quilt movement is anti-borders, but then again this is not a very modern quilt pattern. I thought on it for a little while and decided to try to add a modern-esque border to my traditional top.

Scrappy Trip Along | Brown | ReannaLily Designs

I ended up adding an off-white color, squares leftover from an extra strip set, and an asymmetrical flare.

Scrappy Trip Along | Brown | ReannaLily Designs

On the top and left lower edges, the squares go all the way to the edge and will eventually touch the orange binding.

Do I think it is modern? Nope.

Do I super like how it turned out? Yeppers.

How big is it now? 64″ x 80″

To quilt it, I’m thinking I might try to make little “points” all over the quilt, to emulate the zigzag/chevron design in the block arrangement. Of course, who knows how I’ll actually quilt it.

Free Motion Quilt Ideas | Scrappy Trip Along | ReannaLily Designs

Now here’s the kicker… I’m not good a quilt-alongs. I thought I’d be using up my scraps and sewing with my friends online. The time table is set up (1) for people who followed the directions and (2) for people who are making bigger quilts. So I started sewing and thought “This is awesome, I’m just gonna make a few more blocks…” Yep. I finished the top in a weekend, rather than pacing myself with the group. I did use up my scraps and I am seeing everyone’s progress in our online group.

“Not a problem,” I thought. “I’ll just start another quilt top, using only fabric I already own, and I’ll be able to pace myself better, with this next one….”

Stay tuned.


  1. Love this quilt….and the zig zag design is awesome! The colors are so relaxing….anxious to see it all quilted…

    Sandra B

    August 4, 2015

  2. I love your version! I made one years ago that was more random but because I actually stayed close to a fixed palette it does hang together nicely. I need to get as out of the box in my thought process as you did with this block. I love the traditional block but the layout and added pieces tiotally change the look.

    Mary ann

    August 4, 2015

  3. I love it! It really turned out beautiful!


    August 4, 2015

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