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Batik Plus Quilts for Charity

on Jul 14, 2015 in Blog, charity, quilting | 3 comments

Clearly, I’m going through a Plus Quilt phase. More accurately, I want to use up some of my fat quarter stacks in a fast, efficient way ->

Batik Plus Quilts

Each Plus Quilt uses 12 Fat Quarters. I use the Plus Quilt Worksheet to plan and organize the quilt without using a design wall. I have started to sort my cut pieces onto my ironing board.

Batik Plus Quilt by ReannaLily DesignsNext, I whipped them up pretty quickly on my serger. There are no delicate triangle points to match, so it is really easy to sew seven columns of straight seams.Batik Plus Quilt by ReannaLily Designs

After?trimming the column ends of my quilt top. It is ready to head to the longarm quilter.

Batik Plus Quilt by ReannaLily DesignsBut wait – We aren’t sending it out!! Since my mom has the long arm at her house and my son is working on summer volunteer hours we thought it’d be a great idea to let him quilt the two batik quilt tops.

Robbie | Longarm Quilting | Charity

He was able to quilt “horizontal wavy lines” which really looked like water waves when the quilts were done. Of course, he did wind loads of bobbins and was tasked with changing them out, too.

Handi Quilter Longarm Maintenence by Robbie

Here’s the second quilt top. It has much more blues and greens and is quilted in the same horizontal-wavy-line motif.

Lots of concentration on that dude’s face. =)

Robbie | Longarm Quilting | CharityI think Grandma has 9 more tops for him to work on, for charity. Good thing he had a blast, but we all already knew quilting was a blast.

Quilt Label | Robbie Eskridge | ReannaLily Designs

Of course, our quilt needed a label, so here is his first hand-sewing event.

He’ll be going a quilt guild meeting with me to present the tops to the outreach committee.

He did a great job at the guild presentation/ show’n’ tell portion and LOVED going up on stage. Updated to add this photo:

GSAQG | Plus Quilt | Bright Hope Committee | ReannaLily Designs

Photo borrowed from the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild Show’n’Tell link.



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