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Practicing Quilted Feathers

on Jan 15, 2015 in Blog, quilting | 1 comment

I quilt.

I love quilting.

I’m not so good at quilting feathers.

2015 will be the Year of the Feather


Now you’re up to speed, let me show you what I’ve been?doing. I’m on instagram. That might be an understatement. I seriously need a twelve step program for instagram. I mean, there’s so much inspiration and good stuff over there. People are making the most amazing things and giving you quick photo-references for how they are going about creating.

I found a longarm quilter named @trudi_wood. Her work is great. She recently posted a quilt where she marked out the spines of the quilted feathers and then just set out to make some pretty amazing quilting.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

I started small. My first big planned attempt at feathers is going to be done on my house machine, not a longarm. It is also on a small-ish piece of bright HELLO-HOW-YA-DOIN lime green fabric. It is a bit smaller than a fat quarter.

Now the orginal inspiration has the main spine marked with lovely, clear longarm Handi-Quilter circle rulers. Um… I don’t have those. BUT I do have plates. Nothing but the finest Fiesta ware, from a thrift store in Austin.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

First pass was a little lumpy, but not too bad. I think I was thinking too much. Sometimes that happens, right? Thankfully, I did loosen up a tiny bit on my second pass.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

With just a few lumps, I decided they’d be less noticeable if I tried to echo around the feather shape.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

And echo again… just for good measure.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

And add in some straight lines in the background because that was in the inspiration photo from instagram. In the inspiration photo, though, I believe she had some matchstick quilting. I tired that on this quilt. I don’t see me doing that again any time soon.

Free Motion Quilted Feathers | ReannaLily Designs

Overall, not too bad. Angela Walters had the best advice in one of her videos where she says “Pretend every feather is a half of a heart shape.” That really really, mentally, helps me remember how to curve the feather. But I do need a bit more practice. For now, I’ll take my feathers like a looney tunes cartoon character takes tea: “One lump or two” =)

2015 The Year of the Feather


    1 Comment

  1. Awh you did great.

    Sarah C

    January 15, 2015

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