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Row by Row Rockin Row Robin

on Nov 6, 2014 in Blog, blogging others, quilt, Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you weren’t with the blog a few years ago, you might have missed this Mystery Row Robin  Quilt Along organized right here on ReannaLily Designs.   It was a summer project in 2011.  The mystery is over and all of the row patterns are revealed.

This project was really fun.  Each row is authored by a different blogger.  So you get Mystery, Rows, Blog Hoppin, and a free quilt pattern all in one event.

Check out the original event HERE.

Rockin Row Robin

It was a really fun.  The premise is, at the time, you got the surprise of not knowing what each row design would be.  (Like a real Row Robin Quilt) You also got the satisfaction of making the rows yourself, so they would all coordinate and fit together nicely.  Each row also had a few options for you to make more blocks-per-row to grow your Row Robin quilt to your own desired size.

See some of the color ways and completed variations & add to the official Rockin Row Robin  FLICKR Group.


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