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QuiltCon T-Shirt Contest

on Nov 2, 2014 in Blog, contests | 1 comment


QuiltCon T-Shirt Contest | ReannaLily Designs | Sugar Skull | 3-Color

I gave it a go. This is my entry into the QuiltCon t-shirt contest. I’m not finding the link to the original call for submissions, though I know the contest entries ended Oct 22nd and was open to MQG members.

I decided to go with Sugar Skull or Candy Skull theme. And what better day to share my design than Dias De Los Muertos party weekend? Maybe that’s a south Texas or San Antonio popular party theme, but holy smokes folks here love those Sugar Skulls. Peeps up north are probably not rockin’ the Dias De Los Muertos parties. Since QuiltCon is in Austin for 2015, it seemed like it might work.

My design featured 3-colors, which honestly, may be expensive to produce but man, what if we could use all the QuiltCon colors???

QuiltCon T-Shirt Contest | ReannaLily Designs | Sugar Skull | Full-Color


Now that’d be a sa’weet festive party shirt! My guess is it would have to be digitally printed to even have a hope at being affordable. Either way, though, the overall design?didn’t get selected. ( I didn’t even submit the multi-color above.) ….BUT then I’m thinking, maybe I can change the words in the skull outline and the teeth, both of which say QuiltCon 2015, to different words &?still print the shirt myself. Hum. We shall see.

I cannot wait ’til February, or whenever they reveal the official QuiltCon 2015 shirts. February is the actual QuiltCon event. Calendars marked!!!


    1 Comment

  1. Make this with YOUR colors, with YOUR name in the teeth. Shoot, sell it as a do-it-yourself iron-on pattern, even. I’m sorry it didn’t make the contest, but I think it’s because YOU were meant to own it!


    November 3, 2014

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