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Mini Dresden – Trapunto

on Sep 2, 2014 in Blog, commission, quilt | 0 comments

Trapunto Letters | ReannaLily Designs


Ok, this is the quilt layout. I needed a design with enough white space to add in the baby’s name into the design. I did this before on these quilts:? the Tessa Baby Quilt and the Weaver Baby Quilt. In fact, this quilt is going to be for Tessa’s little sister, Elspeth.

Neat name, right?

My plan is to trapunto the letters, vertically on the right hand side of the quilt.

Trapunto Letters | ReannaLily Designs


Yep. That is roughly where I want the letters. If you need letters for a project, I used Cooper Std font at size 600. Nice big fat chunky letters. 600 point font yields one letter per page, so that is about how big the letters are.

Next step is to get these guys lined up.

Trapunto Letters | ReannaLily Designs


The bottom of the letters are measured about 10″ from the edge and the H ends in line with the center of the horizontal Dresden lines.

Trapunto Letters | ReannaLily Designs

Plan out the spacing and then trace the letters. Cue:? Frixion pen. I love those pens so much. At the end of the project throw the quilt in the dryer and volia- the ink will all disappear.

Trapunto Letters | ReannaLily Designs


I pinned two layers of Hobbs 80/20 batting behind the row of letters, then stitched around each letter using water soluble thread.

Trapunto Letters | ReannaLily Designs


After the stitching, it’s time to sit on the couch and carefully remove the batting from outside the stitched area. Cut within 1/8″ of the stitched line. Turns out I didn’t grab my camera, but I do have photos from the other times I’ve trapunto’d letters. (Is that a verb? Can you make it a verb? Somewhere, there is an English teacher shaking her head. ) See trapunto step pictures here:??Tessa Baby Quilt?and the Weaver Baby Quilt.

During the quilting step,the letter shapes are traced again with regular quilt thread. I have BIG plans for the quilting. Stay tuned.

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