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MQG Challenge Quilt 2014

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Modern Quilt Guild Challenge 2014

Have you seen the fabrics?

Have you read the rules?
Here’s a link.

Dragonfly Quilt is my entry.

 MQG Challenge 2014 | ReannaLily Designs | Michael Miller


We each received 1/8th yard of 6 fabrics.  I used 5 fabrics.  The whole piece needed to be constructed of Michael Miller Fabrics.   The background is Michael Miller Cotton Couture Midnight, from Material Girls Quilt Shoppe in Wichita, KS.

Butterfly Design | ReannaLily Designs


The finished quilt is a little way from my original plan.  I wanted to make a butterfly.  I wanted to take all the fabrics, cut them into 1″ strips and have a wild striped butterfly.  And I wanted to try “matchstick quilting” lines.   I made a test design before I received the challenge fabric… turns out the stripes + the pointy shape would probably not work too well.  I’ll have to blog my test butterfly on another time.  For the Challenge-> new plan:


I decided if I went with a cool dragonfly, I could fit each wing on the 1/8 yard (4 1/2″).  Of course, that wasn’t entirely right either.  I did still have to seam the larger wings in order to the design to fit.  So I kept sketching.

I have been posting sneak peeks in my Instagram, so you may have already seen a few of these, if you follow.

My whole dragonfly is raw edge applique.  I used Heat’n’Bond for the fusible.  Each wing is a unique design.  Once the fusible was on the back of the fabric, I drafted out an “oval” shape on the paper side.  Then I started drawing the pointy, tribal-tattoo-inspired wings.

Heat'n'Bond Scraps | ReannaLily Designs



Next up, cut out all the shapes.  Man, it was tricky to pull of that paper from behind the shape. In fact, the cutting and prepping was a very patient process.  I decided to reward myself by making the “raw edge applique” double as the quilting lines.  Patience-schmacence.  =)


Dragonfly Quilt | ReannaLIly Designs | MQG Challenge 2014


Mmm… quilt sandwich.




Turns out, making the raw edge applique double as the quilting is also a patient process.  That’ll show me.  So I took my time to trace along all the cut edges for the wings, body and head.


Dragonfly Quilt | ReannaLily Designs | MQG Challenge 2014


Dragonfly Quilt | ReannaLily Designs | MQG Challenge 2014


Once I had the wings and body all set, I had to decide on some fills.  I went with pebbles for the body and vertical stripes for just that middle section.    You know, so he’d look slimmer.  Ha.  Vertical lines are quite slimming…. right?

Dragonfly Quilt | ReannaLily Designs | MQG Challenge 2014


Next – the background.  Oh negative space….  If I had planned a bit better, I would have taken the quilt to my mom’s to try out her super great HandiQuilter.  Instead, I decided to make a few free motion quilting (FMQ) swirls on my home machine.

MQG Challenge 2014 | ReannaLily Designs | Dragonfly Quilt


Yep.  Make a ton of swirls.  And then turn it 90 degrees or so, and make a ton more.

The whole Dragonfly Quilt finishes up at 38″ x 40″.


MQG Challenge 2014 | ReannaLily Designs | Dragonfly Quilt



I did have to supplement with Sandi Henderson fabrics in the binding.  The back is a Michael Miller stripe + the 6th challenge fabric.  (It is the grey one.)

And here he is, slim and smiling back at you:

MQG Challenge 2014 | ReannaLily Designs | Dragonfly Quilt




  1. Wow. Your work is so beautiful. Just amazing.


    July 3, 2014

  2. I saw your quilt on the community forum entry page over at the MQG and had to follow your blog to read more…beautifully executed! I am duly impressed – at both your skill and patience. Good luck!

    Jen G

    July 17, 2014

  3. Wonderfully unique entry. I’m so glad you included the backstory and process of how it was made.


    July 19, 2014

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