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15 Minutes of Play

on Jun 27, 2014 in Blog, fabric stash, quilt | 1 comment

15 Minutes of Play | Scrapbusting

Scrap Bustin’

I know the Victoria Findlay-Wolfe book, 15 Minutes of Play, has been out for a couple years… but I just got it. If you don’t have it, you should totally check it out. OH MAN.

I have a few fabric scraps and after the Great Fabric Re-Fold of 2104, I realized I had a few more than originally estimated… It happens, right? These (below) are fabric pieces that were big enough to fold, but were not fat quarters and not sooooo small that they got tossed into a separate scrap bin. Yes, even my bins of “too small” have a method. ((Maybe this is what a cry for help looks like!! hahahah))

Fabric Scraps | ReannaLily Designs


Here’s the extra scrap bin. This one is tucked under the sewing table and really has lots of colors and sizes going on. It is a hot mess, but great for art projects and paper piecing. I had already pulled out some scraps for my “15 minutes” when the picture was taken, so the box it significantly more tidy than usual. cough cough.

Fabric Scraps | ReannaLily Designs


The last place I have scraps is in this cool glass jar. I got the jar at Salvation Army in Kansas. It says “made in Italy” but I think it was really from Hobby Lobby or Home Goods, not necessarily some amazing treasured Italian glass piece. These scraps are small slivers of fabric that I just like. I don’t save everything in this jar, just snips of the fabrics I want to remember. And who doesn’t love a great colorful jar???

Fabric Scraps | ReannaLily Designs

Ok, back to the 15 Minutes of Play process:

Basically you take every scrap you can get your hands on and sew it to one another. This will eventually get you a big piece of “new” scrappy fabric, which she calls Made-Fabric.

15 Minutes of Play | Scrapbusting

My?journey begins with sorting all the scraps into color families. I had piles and piles all over my sewing room floor. I planned on working on a color each day before work. I don’t really have a full-on plan yet, but making scraps back into fabric seems like a GREAT idea.

Scappy Quilt Top | ReannaLily Designs

Reds, Oranges, Pinky, Purple and a bit of white is coming along. More colors to follow. See you soon!

The plan in the book is to make the Made-Fabric and then cut your quilt pattern shapes from the Made-Fabric. I don’t know if I’ll do that. Maybe for the next one? I liked how the big scrappy color panels are turning out.

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  1. The Great re-fold of 2104? My how time flies! 🙂

    Diane Bourg

    June 27, 2014

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