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Stamped Fabric

on May 6, 2014 in Blog, fabric stash, painting | 0 comments

Let’s stamp some fabric!

Because that is totally a natural thought on the past Sunday afternoon.

First up – make a stamp. I decided to carve my stamp from a piece of insulation sheet foam. My hubbs had some extra pieces and it seemed like it would be a perfect texture and weight to make stamp. Strangely, he also owns a hot wire foam knife. So that is how that works out. I traced my shapes and tried to carve them out with the foam knife.

Start small. Circles. That seems like a safe bet.

Fabric Stamp Sample | ReannaLily Designs

I ended up using acrylic paints mixed with textile medium. 3 colors – orange, charcoal and blue. Three brushes mixed the paints, one per color, and applied the paint directly to the stamp design.

Fabric Stamp Sample | ReannaLily Designs


It should be good… if the ceiling fan doesn’t dry out the tiny amount of paint. But of course, turning off the fan is not an option. I live in Texas. We have more ceiling fans than sinks. Just sayin.

Fabric Stamp Sample | ReannaLily Designs

Hum. That seems to be working out alright. Now time to mix up some of the colors.

Fabric Stamp Sample | ReannaLily Designs

Ok. I got blue here. I got orange there. I have some charcoal as most of the larger circles. It is working out.

Fabric Stamp Sample | ReannaLily Designs

I’m loving the finished piece. It doesn’t have “depth” and “layers” but it is a nice start. I wonder what I’m going to add next? Maybe stamp some thinner, large circles by stampin an ole’ faithful solo cup? We shall see.


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