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Laser Tag Team Shirts

on May 30, 2014 in Blog, painting | 0 comments

Zoidberg Shirt | Lego Man Shirt | ReannaLily Designs


My “office assistants” all have?summer birthdays. This year we decided to have a big combo birthday party at a laser tag place, before school lets out. It will be an un-birthday birthday party.

Instead of party favors, each of the kids’ guests will get a team jersey. We have Team Lego Man, Team Purple Giraffe, and Team Why Not Zoidberg. Teams will either make laser tag more fun, or make it like some bizarre Hunger Games.

Either way, the craft store had the shirts on for 30% off this past week. Thank goodness.

Seventeen Stenciled Shirts | ReannaLily Designs


5 Kids per team and two extra shirts for fun – that would be a total of 17 shirts.

I made them the same way I made the MineCraft shirts a while back. I used this freezer paper stencil tutorial. My paints were regular acrylic craft paints (like apple barrel or ceracoat) mixed with Ceracoat Textile Medium.

You basically just need any blocky shape hand drawn or from the internet. Sorry I don’t have more pictures o the painting of the freezer paper.

Lego Man Shirt | ReannaLily Designs


You can re-iron freezer paper up to 7 times for quilting. I found that I could use a stencil 3 times with the paint before the edges started to become angry with me. I think it was the weight of the paint… and having to “melt” it over and over right along the edge. 3 shirts, one stencil. Take a break. Cut another stencil.

Zoidberg Shirt | Lego Man Shirt | ReannaLily Designs


We’ll see how the party goes. I really wanted neon colored shirts since the laser tag places are always dark with black lights… but alas. I think on the yellow team will be glowing.


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