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Triangle Convergence Quilt

on Mar 14, 2014 in Blog, blogging others, quilt | 2 comments

I really like the math behind visual illusion quilts. I like that quilts look 3D or “hard to figure out”. For that reason, I really enjoy the Ricky Tims’ Convergence quilts. I bought the book made a couple squares/blocks in 2009, which, evidently I made into a bag.

Well, since then, I’ve seen a few convergence quilts made with triangles. Check out some of the cool ones by Caryl Bryer Fallert.

I set forth to finally give it a try. I wanted to mix the basic ideas of convergence from the book with the triangle shapes.

Triangle Convergence Quilt

I think it worked. It’s converged. It is modern. It is using up some fabric scraps.

Let me show you how I made it.

Triangle Convergence Quilt Steps


First up, I took 4 pieces of fabric and cut them identically. My pieces happened to be about 16″ x 19″. Why? Why not a full fat quarter size? Well, these were scraps. Big scraps, but still. The smallest one was the light blue (plaid) made from the back panel of one of my son’s too-small dress shirts. Everything else was cut to that size. You could certainly do this with any size, though.

Triangle Convergence Quilt Steps

I had a light and dark green and a light and dark blue. Switch up the triangle “corners” and “main” piece to make a positive and negative shape. These, pictured above, are already stitched. That will leave you with 4 rectangles, each with a large triangle in the center.

Triangle Convergence Quilt Steps


Stack TWO rectangles on top of each other, with the triangle points aiming in the same direction. For my project, I mixed up design so that each set would have one blue and one green based rectangle. With the rectangles stacked, make cuts across the triangle at ANY point. My measurements are arbitrary. A couple 1″ cuts. A couple 2″; one or two 2 1/2″ and a 3″ leftover end piece.

Triangle Convergence Quilt Steps


This step is where the magic happens. With those cut strips, lay out the new convergence design by alternating one blue, one green, one blue, one green until you are out of strips. Make sure to keep the strips in order, so that the triangle looks like it is stretched out or growing.

Triangle Convergence Quilt Steps


Once the pieces are all inter-mixed. Stitch the strips together. Easy easy easy straight sewing.

Triangle Convergence Quilt Steps

My two large blocks are not identical, though are cut to be identical finished sizes. The design variation happened because on one set of stacked triangles I made all my narrow cut strips (1″ wide) closer to the top pointy-point of the triangle. That is shown in the right-hand block. The other stacked rectangles sliced the 1″ strips across the widest part, the triangle base area. That is on the left-hand side block. I think the left-hand block is more successful because you sorta cannot see the triangle top points on the right-hand side. Live and learn, right?

What next? Borders! I saw a Modern Quilt Lecture that pointed out, generally, modern quilts don’t have borders. Well, I thought I’d wing it and see how it turns out. I did add a 2″ wide navy blue border and then a larger white frame.

The quilt is 51″ x 62″. That’s a nice usual size, right? Good for the couch, for sure.

Triangle Convergence Quilt


Stay tuned and I’ll show you how I quilted it.





  1. thank you so much,because i’ve had this book for more then three years and haven’t tried it yet. i want to use a animal pic square

    stephanie jordan

    December 28, 2014

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