Small Sewn Gift Series Coming Soon

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Are you ready?

Do you want to have a handmade holiday but lack the time?

I’ve got some GREAT news!

TUESDAY kicks off the  NEW

Small Sewn Gift Sew-Along  

This all came about when the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild announced it’s December Small Sewn Gift swap.  I started looking online to come up with some inspiration.   Wouldn’t you know, the internet is crazy inspiring!   I worked on Pinterest and found many pictures.

I decided I would try to make them all.  Once I started working, I thought, shoot- I should just take some photos and share them with the blogosphere.  The sew-along was born.

Basically, I only two restrictions- I used only fabric I had on-hand and the projects had to be made in 20-30 minutes.  I even have some bloggy friends in on the Small Sewn Gifts extravaganza.


Mane Tamer – Hair Accessory Organizer - by Beth at Eva Paige Quilt Designs
Doll Dress Pattern - by Melissa of Lilac Lane
Wonky Pincushion - by Leslie Tucker Jenison
Russian Nesting Doll Mug Rug- by Allison at Downtown Quilter
Quick Scarf - by ReannaLily Designs
Holiday Note Card – Using Fabric Scraps - by ReannaLily Designs
Notebook Paper FABRIC Gift Tag - by ReannaLily Designs
Recycled Sweater Owl Ornament - by ReannaLily Designs
Minky-Lined, Custom-Fit Mittens - by ReannaLily Designs
Guest Phone Hangout – Charging Station - by ReannaLily Designs


Small Sewn Gifts ReannaLily Designs



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  1. Anna says:

    Perfect timing! I need to whip something up for the exact swap toy mentioned and I usually only have 20-30 minutes to work on anything. The hardest party will be picking out the fabric! Thanks for organizing this!

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