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Small Sewn Gift Notecard

on Nov 21, 2013 in Blog, blogging others, contests, pattern, tutorial | 1 comment

ReannaLily Designs

Holiday Note Card

This Small Sewn Gifts Sew Along project is a take on one of the projects in Deploy That Fabric. The concept- use scraps, sew through paper- get a cool one-of-a-kind (ooak) card. Can you do it with any colors for any occasion? Totally. Can you make any shapes other than triangles for a pennant banner? Yeppers.


  • 1/2 sheet of card stock paper (You could also use blank notecards from the scrapbook section of the hobby store.)
  • Small amount of fabric scraps
  • Glue Stick
  • 2-4 Different thread colors


Let me show you how I did it.

First up, collect the fabric scraps. Honestly, they can be quite small. I realize this doesn’t help our ongoing questions of “Is this piece too small to keep?” I’m talking 1″ x 2″ small. Here’s my pile of scraps for this project-

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


Then, yes, I cut smaller pieces off of them to be roughly 1″ x 2″ and made a tidy stack of scrap rectangles.

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


Once I had the stack of probably 10 or so fabrics, I cut through the layers (5 at a time) to get a rough triangle shape. I did use the rotary cutter and ruler to make this go very quickly.

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


Now I needed to “audition” my triangles to see if my pennants would be just one row, a curved row, two rows, etc. I ended up going with a curved row. Add a small amount of glue to the back of each triangle which will temporarily hold them in place.

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


Next up- the super fun part- SEWING!! Starting on one end, use a regular straight stitch to sew through the paper and tops of the pennant banner. If you have a dull needle or older needle, this is a good time to give it one last project before trashing the needle. My first stitching pass secured the top edge of all the triangles- all other stitching lines were decorative.

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


I decided it would be much more interesting to mix up the thread colors in the stitching process. I used Red, Green and Goldy-Yellow. Turns out (GASP!) I do not own any metallic thread. That would have been great on a holiday card. Each thread color has about 2-4 stitching lines across the top of the card. When you get to the other edge of the card, you can put your needle into the paper and pivot the project 180 degrees to start the next line.

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects

Holiday Notecard | ReannaLily Designs | Small Sewn Projects


One thing I recommend (though do not have a photo for) is cutting a coordinating colored card stock 4 1/8″ x 5 1/4″ to glue to the inside of the card. This colored card stock will cover all those stitching lines inside your card. Sure the front of your card looks pretty cool, but the inside will be quite a mess. Card stock is your friend.

That’s all. That is all there is to this quick card. You can assembly line the project to sew a 4 card gift pack, sewing all the red thread first, all the green thread next and finally all the gold. You can even get the kids involved with placing and gluing those triangle pennants.

I cannot wait to see you note card gifts!

This project is part of the Small Sewn Gift Sew Along.

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