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NEW Fabric Collection – Right Side of the Brain

on Oct 24, 2013 in Blog, fabric stash, sketches, spoonflower | 0 comments

doodle sketch fabric


I’m happy to blog my new mini fabric collection over on Spoonflower.  The concept was to create a basic sketched design using those “doodles” you make when you should be doing something else.  Like, as the fabric names indicate, working in class, watching a webinar, listening to a lecture and waiting on hold.  Now was I actually listening in all those instances, probably, but you know, I also happened to have a marker in my hand.  The mini fabric collection is called Right Side of the Brain.  It only has 5 coordinated pieces in the collection.

original sketch


It started something like this, while On Hold with an I. T. support company.  I made some shapes.  I over lapped some shapes.  I liked the look.  I scanned it into the computer and waved the magic photoshop wand to create this design:

grey fabric, right side of the brain

On Hold- Grey | Click to Enlarge

I also wanted to show you the original sketch created During a Lecture.  It evolved the same way my On Hold was made.  That photo has an instagram filter on it.  In fact, if you follow me on instagram, you might have already seen a couple of the fabric designs from Right Side of the Brain.

during a lecture by jen eskridge

Scan.  Wave magic wand.  Get Fabric. (Btw, I seriously love Spoonflower.)  Anywhoo, here’s the design tuned out:

fabric repeat spoonflower


So head on over to Spoonflower and check out the designs.  Pin ’em and share them with your friends.  As luck would have it, I believe each of the designs is available in each of their printed media.  Fabric, wall paper, wrapping paper and decals.


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