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Portland Sight-Seeing Adventure

on Jun 15, 2013 in Blog, Portland Quitl Market 2013 | 0 comments

Portland Sight Seeing


I had one appointment on the last day we were in Portland. I have to say, I think the appointment went pretty well- more on that later. For now, I have just a few more Around Portland pictures to share with you.

We saw some popular things and some must-see-trendy things. We went to the museum and, from the train, saw the super-crowded outdoor market on Saturday morning.


We ate at food trucks and had a pact to not eat at the same cart as one another – as a result, we had all sorts of food. Vietnamese, Thai, Greek and Korean. The Indian food place was closed. 🙁 Maybe next time, Portland. Frank’s Noodle House was not only amazing, but it was actually a restaurant IN a house serving home-made noodles. We rolled by Voodoo Doughnut only to find the line long and out the door.



Not a problem. We were on our way to Ground Kontrol anyways. This place was GREAT. It is a classic arcade with a whole upstairs of pinball tables. Did I mention it’s also a bar? Um, yeah- that will help you drop a few quarters into the games.



I don’t know those people in the photo. ” Hi people in the photo who now live on my blog!” Anywho- the best part about the Ground Kontrol was the bathrooms. Yes. I realize that sounds weird. But seriously- check out these floors !!!!!



We went to Kells Irish pub and had some incredibly good, traditional Irish food and drinks. Hum, it kinda sounds like all we did was eat. That might be a bit true. Eat and ride the rails.


Yarn bomb bike rack. Yes. That’s right. It looks so great and colorful. Way better than those NOT yarn-bombed bike racks for sure!


We also rolled right by the entrance to China Town. We opted not to go into China Town as… it didn’t look very big at all and we’re kinda familiar with the China experience already.



And for those of you who know me…. you know I cannot seem to resist this store. I mean, we were walking right by it- how could I not go in??? So I did. This was by far the most expensive Goodwill I’ve ever been in and I like to go thriftin’ on every good vacation. I think this was some kind of “boutique” goodwill where only the name-brand things had been sorted to this store- but still…. $30 for a shirt? At Goodwill? Have you not heard the song? It is supposed to be $.99. All kidding aside- this was a super expensive Goodwill to the point where we were looking around thinking “maybe they just used the name because it is popular.” Who knows. I think it is a real goodwill. I didn’t shop there, though. Too rich for my blood.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the best part- While waiting for the train by the Library, we got to hear a guy playing his guitar street music. Ok. Cool. Very indie and committed to the cause. The first song sounded great. The second song was a grunge rock version of Paul Revere. Yeah- best live “concert” ever. And man he was signing so fast and strummin’ so quickly. It was excellent.

So that is all. That is the finito blog post for all things Portland. We’ll now go back to our regularly scheduled sewing blogging.



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