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Modern Baby by Martingale Press

on Apr 26, 2013 in Blog, blogging others, book, Books | 50 comments

Welcome to the Modern Baby Blog Tour!
Modern Baby Shower


Modern Baby is HERE! I was invited to join this collaborative book project, published by Martingale Press. It is a really unique group of 14 baby quilts by various designers. Here, let me get you the description:

From Martingale Press: “In this amazingly diverse collection, a bevy of talented quilting bloggers present appealing baby-quilt designs for sewists and quilters of all skill levels. Designers include Amy Smart, Audrie Bidwell, Carolyn Friedlander, Carrie Bloomston, Dana Bolyard, Jake Finch, Jen Eskridge, Lindsey Rhodes, Melissa Corry, Pippa Eccles Armbrester, Sarah Flynn, Shea Henderson, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

  • Showcase bright, bold solids and modern fabrics–perfect for stimulating Baby’s senses
  • Choose from 14 small quilts that can be easily completed in time for the baby shower
  • Rely on clear instructions and illustrations for each inviting design

The invitation was wide open and I got to thinking… I’d like my project to have hexagons on it, and I’d like my project to be quick and easy. The Fractured Hexagons Baby quilt came to mind:


You’ve seen this quilt before on the blog, a short while back, January 2011. It was a gift for my niece. Shortly after I posted it, it became one of the first quilts ever put up on Modern Day Quilts tumblr.? {Thanks Heather!}? I decided this quilt needed a pattern and thankfully, Martingale thought so too.

The red quilt features Nicey Jane fabrics by Heather Bailey and Free Spirit Fabrics.

I set out asking my Sister-in-Law and niece if I could get the quilt back. (((… best gift-giver evah …)))? But I just need to borrow the quilt, not keep it and actually take it back. Thankfully she didn’t mind. I made a second one in blue. The blue quilt features Tokyo Rococo by Carol Van Zandt and Andover Fabrics. I gave both the blue and red quilts back to my nieces, so hopefully that will make up for the “steal back”.


Many modern quilters like to use solids in their quilt designs. I’m a huge fan, but I do also like mixing the prints with the solids. I think it helps ground the prints a bit. What do you think?


Read more about the designers and quilts in the book, their stories and baby stories along the tour:

April 18, Thursday?????? Jenny, StitchThis!

April 19, Friday??????????? Shea Henderson,

April 22, Monday????????? Jake Finch,

April 23, Tuesday??????? Audrie Bidwell,

April 24, Wed? ?????????? Carolyn Friedlander,

April 25, Thursday?????? Melissa Corry,

April 26, Friday??????????? Jen Eskridge,

April 29, Monday????????? Sarah Flynn,

April 30, Tuesday??????? Dana Bolyard,

May 1, Wednesday???? Amy Smart,

May 2, Thursday???????? Carrie Bloomston,

May 3, Fri??????? ?????????? Victoria Findlay Wolfe,

May 6, Monday??????????? Lindsey Rhodes,

May 7, Tuesday?????????? Pippa Eccles Armbrester,

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  1. Ooops! I left this comment on the post before this. Sorry.
    I love your baby quilt(s)! It?s really nice to see it made up into 2 colorways ? color is a game changer ? though both of your colors are super. I do like the mix of solids and patterns. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.


    April 26, 2013

  2. I do mix solids and prints! But only lately! I’ve actually made a few table runners, solid background and patterned hexagons. Curiously enough. I have a baby quilt to make soon and I’m thinking of useing some light oriental fabrics, the new mom is fond of the asian theme. P.S. I really like the fractured style!

    Lisa PL

    April 26, 2013

  3. Yes I mix solids with my prints but not too much. Love those prints.

    Kim Cotcher

    April 26, 2013

  4. i love to mix them up! i also love all solids with just a dash of print 🙂


    April 26, 2013

  5. Yes I like to mix solids with prints, I find solids balance the prints which give me the color scheme. I also like hexies since they involve hand-work.

    Cindy Wienstroer

    April 26, 2013

  6. I am just coming into the Modern phase of my quilting but I do think a subtle print here and there is like frosting on the cake..

    Sandy (aka Stitches)

    April 26, 2013

  7. Of course I mix. But I mix in the solids with my prints, not the other way around.


    April 26, 2013

  8. I don’t use many solids- I’m a tone on tone gal.
    Thanks for the chance to win.


    April 26, 2013

  9. So far I have only used solids as a background or just mixed in with my prints. I haven’t done a solids based quilt yet…but I do really love how it looks in your quilt with the prints on the hexies! Thanks for a chance at winning!


    April 26, 2013

  10. I use solids mainly as background but love the way you have used them in your quilts. Thanks for the chance to win

    Joan H.

    April 26, 2013

  11. I have only recently begun to mix solids and prints together. As part of my continued evolution as a quilter (also as a mod quilter), I have begun to transition away from using only tonal fabrics with my prints. I am slowly adding to my solid stash and am excited to see this new look. Thanks for the inspiration!


    April 26, 2013

  12. I don’t tend to mix solids with prints in my quilts, but I like the way you do it in yours! I am in the process of making a quilt with Kona solids, which is a departure for me.


    April 26, 2013

  13. I often prefer working with solids and actually have a hard time mixing prints into the mix, even though I love them. There’s just something about the sharpness of solids, or nearly solids, that draws me in. Thanks for the giveaway!


    April 26, 2013

  14. Love to mix prints with solids. Love looking at quilts that do have the mix and what and how each fabric makes the quilt.


    April 26, 2013

  15. I adore the quilt on the cover. the only other one I like that much in the whole book – is yours. Trufax.

    I’ve already said as much at the RedBarn!

    I want your hexagon book. you do *really* good work.


    April 26, 2013

  16. Oops! sorry, not intended to be double entry, got carried away in my enthusiasm and didn’t answer your question.

    Yes, I use prints and solids. I also love to use linen with print accents. If a print is very busy, it can lose impact with other prints, so the solids and/or the linen let it shine.


    April 26, 2013

  17. I love mixing! I think the combination of prints and solids is a good balance — some busy parts, some restful parts. Love your baby quilts and this book looks great!

    Lisa Marie

    April 26, 2013

  18. I love to mix solids with prints. I like to mix in the big bright prints with my solids. Especially on a baby quilt.


    April 26, 2013

  19. I do mix solids and prints. I am using solids more often lately.

    Linda West

    April 26, 2013

  20. I always mix prints and solids!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!


    April 26, 2013

  21. All fabric appeals to me so of course I mix solids and prints. It’s all about color, value and contrast that makes a quilt.


    April 26, 2013

  22. Loving this modern baby blog hop! Fantastic book-I do it either way mixing them or not, just depends for the look I am going for.

    Vicki in MN

    April 26, 2013

  23. Yes on solids and prints! The best of both worlds? (Sorry posted this on the wrong page first time around)


    April 26, 2013

  24. I usually use prints and then border them with solids –
    as in sashes, or bindings – But with all of the beautiful solid cottons – I tend to want to use them more.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!


    April 26, 2013

  25. I do mix prints and solids. The book looks wonderful! Thanks!

    Debbie H

    April 26, 2013

  26. I use solids and prints together. Using solids when I have busy main piece. The solid helps to bring out the focused fabric.

    Linda Christianson

    April 26, 2013

  27. I do mix solids and prints. I like to use solids and mix in some prints for impact. I LOVE hexagons and your quilts!


    April 26, 2013

  28. I too left my comment in the wrong place.
    I mix solids and prints in all my quilts.


    April 26, 2013

  29. I haven’t been able to put much of anything together lately. But these wonderful quilts are urging me to take some time out four creating! Thanks for the inspiration and chance on the book.

    Sherri I

    April 26, 2013

  30. I used to hate solids but am now really enjoying mixing solids with prints. Thanks for the giveaway, I love your quilts!


    April 26, 2013

  31. I love mixing solids and prints!

    Nancy B from Many LA

    April 27, 2013

  32. I do mix solids and prints. My greater challenge is in using only solids.

    Beth T.

    April 27, 2013

  33. Yep, I like mixing solids and prints. I love the look of all solids but haven’t made anything with just solids yet – it’s hard to resist mixing in a cute print!


    April 27, 2013

  34. I definitely like to mix and match the 2 together. How much of each is oftentimes determined by the quilt pattern itself!

    Shannon B.

    April 27, 2013

  35. Yes I mix them together. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Karrie Smith

    April 27, 2013

  36. There are so many lovely solids out these days that they are just wonderful to mix with prints. Your baby quilts are beautiful -thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book 🙂


    April 27, 2013

  37. This looks like such a great book – lots of wonderful ideas. And yes – I do mix solids with my prints!


    April 28, 2013

  38. Yes, I mix! Can’t imagine all prints, all although I’d love to do an all-solids someday… 🙂

    Lauren aka Giddy99

    April 28, 2013

  39. Your quilts are amazing! You are so talented! Yes I do mix solids and print fabrics together when sewing. My challenge one day will be to make a qullt using only solid fabrics.

    Thank you and Martingale Press for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.



    April 29, 2013

  40. I mix tone-on-tone fabrics that read as solids with my prints.


    April 29, 2013

  41. I love using solids with my prints! Sometimes I love all solids! Would love to win this beautiful book! I make many quilts so it would very useful too!

    Elizabeth Johnson

    April 29, 2013

  42. I have seen many quilts that use only solids, and have admired them, but I never have never done one. I guess I love prints too much. With every quilt that I have ever made, I have always mixed prints with solids.

    I have never made anything using hexagons, but I really like your quilt pattern so much!! We are expecting baby #8 this August and wouldn’t it be awesome if I won this?! There are so many option in this book…!

    Jennifer D

    April 29, 2013

  43. I love your quilts and the way you have given life to your hexies! I do mix solids and prints sometimes, it depends what I am doing! Thanks for the giveaway


    April 29, 2013

  44. I love to mix solids and prints. It breaks it up and adds character to the quilts.

    Shar F.

    April 29, 2013

  45. I have mostly used prints in the past with tone-on-tones instead of solids but have recently started building up my stash of solids and have some all solids quilts planned. Thanks for a chance to win!

    Bambi Mayer

    April 29, 2013

  46. Congratulations! It’s very nice! I love the combination of blues 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!


    April 30, 2013

  47. I usually use tone-on-tone with prints.


    April 30, 2013

  48. I always mix solids and prints. I’m fascinated with all solid quilts but have not actually made one yet.

    Linda F.

    April 30, 2013

  49. I do mix solids and tone on tones with prints. I do love solid only and print only quilts as well. The last quilt I made was mixed with solids, it adds some structure to the pattern.

    Linda Armenti

    April 30, 2013

  50. I love mixing in solids to break up prints 🙂

    This book looks so fun! THANKS for the chance!


    April 30, 2013

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