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Pinterest Quilt Inspiration

on Mar 23, 2013 in Blog, Learn To Sew Easy Curves, quilt, tutorial | 4 comments


It was a wild and crazy Pinterest Friday night over here. I was surfing around and found this great graphic design image. I pinned it and was trying to follow the link, but of course, it went to no-wheres-ville. This isn’t my original design. Turns out the pin is:

“Naef Ornabo Puzzle
Look at the geometric world, with the Ornabo Blocks by Naef of Switzerland. It’s hard to believe that the world is made up of just circles, segments, squares, triangles and rectangles.”

Fro the fabric, I purchased these two pieces when I lived in Korea- 7 years ago. Yep. Fabric hoarder. Right here. Are they the best fabrics for this design?? Nope. Are the modern and trendy? Not really. BUT they are on-hand which was the key requirement for the Friday night project.


That is the picture from pinterest, printed and written all over. That would be my highly sophisticated pattern math. I was not about to make any Drunkard’s Path blocks, so instead, I used the shaped facing technique from Learn To Sew Easy Curves (due out soon!!) to make a faced circle to fit on top of a 6 1/2″ cut square. ((In a nutshell: I cut 5 circles each 13″ in diameter and cut 5 facing fabric circles. Use a quarter inch seam allowance and stitch around the circles. Then- here’s a trick, cut each circle in half, which will be a radius length of 6 1/4″ edge to seam. Then applique each quarter circle to a 6 1/2″ square.))

Here- I’ll show you how the “arcs” fit onto the squares:



See?? You can see the facing right there, still in tact on that second photo. I really like this method, too, because the 6 1/2″ square remains uncut, giving the blocks added stability. I made up lots of pieces and had pieces left over, so that worked out.


And now to match the blocks to the picture. That was really the height of my planning for this. There’s only 25 blocks in the design, so I finished it up very quickly.


I wanted to show you one other photo. Since the drunkard’s patch arcs are 1/4″ from the edge of the 6 1/2″ block, you have to plan to carefully join the squares together. You can feel right where the arc is, so it is easy to stitch right beside the appliqued shape. Doing that will produce nice pointy-points in the design.


Now to stew on how to quilt it….



  1. Seen your work on Flikr and dropped in to see your post on this block. I recently designed a quilt with curved piecing and enjoyed seeing your method of appliqueing the curves. Love the colours, too!

    Lorna McMahon

    March 24, 2013

  2. Really great stuff. I’m always looking for inspiration. Thanks for the post!


    September 5, 2013

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