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Emerald Quilt Challenge- Making Fabric

on Feb 20, 2013 in Blog, blogging others, contests | 0 comments

For the “color of the year,” Pantone Emerald isn’t all that easy to find in fabric. I owned a few pieces that I felt matched the samples given on the Emerald Quilt Challenge page, but I needed more. {{{Wow- who would have thunk it, a quilter professing she needs more fabric….}}}? bwhwhahahaha.

Instead of shopping, I decided to take matters into my own hands and paint/print my own textiles. Of course, this decision came hot off the heels of attending two absolutely inspiring lecture/demo’s by Leslie Tucker Jenison. Stamping out fabric with whatever you have on hand, with whatever paint you grab is so liberating! It was far less intimidating than “you need all these chemicals and you need resists and you need something to cure and you need to prep…” blah blah blah. Grab paint- stamp fabric. If it works, awesome, if not, awesome. LOVE IT!


First up- wet fabric + a tiny bit of paint + a bit of contrasting stamped toilet paper roller. Is it totally emerald, no. Will it work… maybe, maybe not. We shall see after I jam out a few more squares of muslin.

Next up- I liked the toilet paper roller look, I decided to paint large circles with just a brush. They might be circles, they might be blobs- who cares. …seriously liberating!…

Lastly- I think one of the last things I tried on “make textiles” afternoon was straws. I wanted smaller circles. Of course, I did NOT want to stamp individual straw shapes, so I bunched a few together to stamp those out. Turned out pretty interesting, I think.


Overall, I have a few pieces, which paired with some emerald solids, would look ok. Well, that is my plan, at least.

Turns out I’m not a fan of “emerald”. It really just looks like sour green. All the solids I have came from random fat quarter Kona bundles. I suppose that is why it is called a CHALLENGE, right?? =)

Here’s what I’m working with. We shall see who makes the cut from this design wall below:



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