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Emerald Quilt Challenge BACK

on Feb 26, 2013 in Blog, blogging others, contests, quilting | 0 comments

I had to show you the quilt back to my Emerald Quilt Challenge Quilt. In keeping with the I will not buy any fabric for this challenge mentality I set for myself- I decided to go through the vintage sheets scraps I had on hand. I have vintage sheets on quite a few quilt backs and as a result have a few chunky panels of sheets. Well well, now I have a quilt back of chunky panels. So… if you are reading that how I’m reading it, “It is chunky in the back.”? bwhahahaha. Sir Mix Alot must have authored his endearing 1992’s song about my quilt. Awe. ((Too much???))

Ok, enough of that non-sense. Lets see some quilt back pics!


The photo has been color enhanced slightly so you can see the quilting lines. I’m sure you can guess that those sheets are NOT that vibrant.


Overall, I’m calling this a free motion quilting (FMQ) win for sure.


I did have a few pokies on the back. Are those called something?? Pokies?? You know, where the tension is a bit askew in the curves or on points of the design. I think I’m going to call them Piss Offs. You go on ahead and guess why.?? So lets just say, there’s a couple of spots on the back that piss me off. hahahaha. But I don’t plan on looking at the back much, so I won’t be ripping out that stitching.


And that is the nice chunky back of my Emerald Quilt. I love it. (Except the few piss offs.)


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