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Scrappy Zigzag Triangle Quilt

on Jan 7, 2013 in Blog, fabric stash, quilt, SAMQG | 3 comments

Ok, I didn’t win the Block of The Month (BOM) for our San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild. I did, however, become quite interested in making a quilt with triangle blocks. I don’t think I’ve made a triangle block quilt before. Maybe I have… its been a while. Either way, I’m sure I need to make one. Let the planning begin!


I also decided to use only scrap fabrics from my bin under the sewing desk. I needed to get those sorted into light and dark, to see if that was even a reasonable amount of fabric. (cough cough)


The Dark Fabrics, which just have to be darker than the light fabrics


The Light Fabrics, unfortunately photographed i a shadow….

I didn’t measure anything or plan too much past this sorting. That looks like alot of scraps, right?? Ok.

Although I loved the BOM, I decided my triangle blocks were going to be much much easier to make. First, I’d find pieces that were as long as my equilateral triangle template was tall (about 14″) and sew a pieced fabric panel out of every light or every dark fabric.

Here’s a long panel of darks, stitched together:StripsStitched

All these strips are just stitched to each other to form a panel as long as possible and at least 14″ tall. This picture (above) was before the iron, of course.

Then I just made a big ole triangle template out of legal paper sheets and used it to cut out my 42 triangles.


?I had to plan the layout on the floor. All the pieced stripes run the same direction for the most part. Even though these triangles are equal on each side, I found that turning the triangles made a HUGE mess visually. My hubbs saw the quilt at this point and says “Oh, a Charlie Brown Quilt.”? Um… I guess so. I hope he is commenting on the chevrons and not “the worst quilt ever, charlie brown”? HA!


I finished up the whole thing over the weekend. It went together pretty quickly, all things considered. Though it is a lap size quilt, it is larger than my quilting frame. I’ll be sending this off for quilting in the very near future.


I’m so happy to have put a huge dent into my scrap bin. Hooray for resourcefulness!

Hum…. what to make next???

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