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Fabric Scraps Trombone

on Dec 11, 2012 in accessories, Blog, fabric stash | 0 comments

What to do with all those fabric scraps?? I wish I had more projects for my fabric scraps. If only I could come up with something…. I have TONS of scraps. You will NOT find this project in any of the scrappy sewing books- trust me. It’s a doozie.


My 12yo comes home and says they need to decorate their instruments for the Winter Holiday Concert. That IS good news. I know just the thing to cover a trombone in….


The pipes are wrapped in leftover pieces of red binding and then 10″ scrap strips are tied all over the trombone (to hold the red wrapping in place)? At the end, I offered to make a cover for the bell and she went for it. I don’t know if she’ll be allowed to have the bell covered during the performance, but for practice, it is really festive.

She gave it a test run in the house and it sounded fine. She did point out that she might not be able to see all the sheet music because of the many many green scrappy ties. I suppose she’ll be the only kid with fabric scissors in her pocket at the concert.

So off she goes into the 7th grade with the most festive trombone evah! It even fits into the trombone case, so that is a big win win. I tried to talk her into putting safety pins across the bottom pipe and hanging ornaments from the bottom. … Something about “Dangling Christmas Balls” didn’t go over too well, much giggling followed. Jr High doesn’t seem to change much, does it folks?


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