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Quilt Market ReCAP

on Oct 31, 2012 in Blog, blogging others, book, Houston Market 2012 | 2 comments

Get your bingo cards out and ready. Let me see how many squares I can color in!!!!

So I was at Quilt Market on Saturday for one super fast day of meeting with fabric companies and publishers. It was fun and exhausting. This is also my first year to attend market without a vendor badge in some capacity. I haven’t always had my own booth there- but I have always worked with someone on the show floor. So- as an attendee, the show is so much more fun and relaxing.

My first stop for the day was to hit C&T Publishing booth. I totally had to take a picture of a couple things…. My book….

Deploy that FABRIC is on a book shelf on display there. It isn’t new this market, so I really had to look for it. Hooray hooray it was totally there. What you don’t believe me?? Here. Let me zoom in.

Hahahahahahah. Yeh. I totally just did that. Shameless. Not too worry. I have plenty more pics. I also had a sample on display for the Quilt Label CD Vol 2. So I snapped a shot of that.

So if you are playing bingo along with me, you can totally cross off the “sample in booth” box.

What else…. How about some impressive booths-

Moda had paint sticks dipped and hung up around their mostly white booth. It was lovely and so very clean looking. Of course, they won for best multi-booth.

How fun is this- Anthology Fabrics decorated the top of their booth as well as the rest. The 4 quilts create a radiating design around their logo drum. Pretty cool, indeed.

In my opinion, one of the most innovative booths at the show was the Fairfield Batting booth. {{They sponsor some of my quilted published projects (full disclosure). }}? BUT in all honestly, what they did with the batting was amazing. It was so above and beyond “Quilt Market” in my opinion. They dyed the batting and made everything in the booth, out of it. It was a garden maze type feel and was spectacular. There were a few of these botanical displays throughout the “maze” garden.

And happy Halloween! How fun are these mummies?? I’m not sure they were going for “mummies” but it totally worked that way for me. Love it. Finally a creepy Halloween thing I can get behind!

And aside from great booths and innovative marketing strategies-?? How about these great quilts?!! I’m loving the modern quilts that were on display in the Juried Show side of the Quilt Market, but really I quite enjoy the “contemporary traditional” type quilting where everything is bright and funky, but still uses a rotary cutter and repeated block design. Love it love it love it.

Honestly, I cannot get enough circles either, but when I saw this big circle quilt- I HAD to share it with you guys. It is scrappy and precise and high-contrast and GREAT.


Yes, yes I did snap a pic of Tula Pink’s booth. I was able to chat with her a short bit too. Her work is so unique. I think that is my favorite part about it. The pallets are very use-able and the artwork is so intricate. LOVE it. But this wasn’t the only booth with Nautical fabric. Nautical and peacocks seem to be the way of 2013. Only time will tell if that holds true.

So what’d I buy in my 8 hours at market?? Um… as much as I could carry!!!!

click to enlarge

Some fabric samples were free promotional pieces and others were me shopping like a crazed quilter. My shopping list, when I left home, was EQ BLOCK BASE. That’s it. um…. HAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, if you use EQ, you might want to consider Block Base. It has over 4300 quilt blocks and all of them can be adjusted to any size. Oh man. Could you imagine if someone were to make all 4300????? That person would NOT be me. -In case you were curious.

While the companies got to Market to sell wholesale, some of them stay on through the following weekend for Quilt Festival. Many of the companies that do not stay on, also do not want to ship home a bunch of samples. Hence, free magazines. I was able to pick up a few. I was also able to get SIGNED copy of Linda Lum DeBono’s Sew Merry and Bright, by Martingale Press. At the Modern Meet Up, organized by the Modern Quilt Guild, I got to meet Jenean Morrison, designer for Free Spirit fabrics. I was stumbling over my words and probably seemed like a big dork-and-a-half when I showed her my iPhone case (which is her design). But she totally gave me a copy of her amazing textile coloring book- right out of her purse!! O.M. G. for real!!!? If I had ANY wits about me at all, I would have asked her to sign it. Lordy pete. That was great though. The Modern Meet Up was quite fun and in a super large ballroom where everyone could chat and mingle. Of course, I forgot my camera for the evening. Shame. It was a total “who’s who” of people I look up to.

So how did my recap compare on my bingo card????

Awe shame. I cannot even win at my own bingo. :(? If only I had flown this year, instead of driving the 3 short hours to Houston. Well, y’all, I tried.

Now for one of my favorite things at the show-? The Mona Lisa

click to enlarge

Pretty interesting… since it is upside down. Well, let’s just move in closer to see what is going on there, at this display sponsored by thread company, Coates and Clark….

click to enlarge

AHHHHHH-SOME! Seriously.




  1. Love that circle quilt. Do you know if there is a pattern available? Thank you so much for sharing.


    October 31, 2012

  2. You were there and I didn’t even get to see you???? Aww . . .

    Melissa Stramel

    November 5, 2012

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