Quilt Market Recap – BINGO

Tis the season where all the quilt land bloggers move from “I’m so stressed out getting ready for market.”  To “You wouldn’t believe how great market was.”  I’ve noticed, as more and more independent designers/companies go to market, you get more and more of the inside scoop on what went down there.  On the same note, lots of bloggers tend to follow and report similar items.  I went to market this year.  I have a report with a few pictures to share.  BUT FIRST- I thought I’d make it more fun.  Lets have the QUILT MARKET RE-CAP BINGO.  Oh yes, you read that right.  Here’s what you are looking for:

I only made the one card, but the beauty is, that each blogger will have a different assortment of “news” reported.  I cannot wait to see which blogger will earn me a “black out”.  I can tell you, my market recap won’t have all the squares filled.  I only went for one day.  One glorious day.  Stay tuned for the market update from ReannaLily Designs Blog.  Feel free to share, pin and re-post the bingo card.

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  1. Beth QH says:

    OMG you crack me up. That is awesome. I can’t wait to hear your recap!

  2. Leigh says:


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