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Resourceful Bathroom Makeover

on Aug 31, 2012 in Blog, blogging others, fabric stash | 0 comments

Ah settling into the new house. Fixin’ things up to make it my home….

What do Xyron and Accuquilt have to do with each other???? Well, they are on a team to help me make over my small downstairs bathroom. I wanted a bathroom that was painted in halves, you know like the bottom half is one color and the top half is another, and there’s some kind of border in between the two. Ok, I didn’t want it exactly like that but that was the “meat” of the stepping off point.

I own the AccuQuilt GO! and LOVE it. I’ve used it for so many things. Mostly quilt related, some school homework related and now house /home decor related. I also happen to have this Xyron 900. Used the permanent adhesive cartridge in the Xyron. You could probably do this project with anything that adds adhesive to the backs of things. Heat’n’Bond would probably work as well (says This Crafty House). Of course, dipping the fabric in liquid starch would work too.

Anywhoo- I have these two devices and I cut out 3 sizes of circles with the AccuQuilt GO! Then I ran those 3 circles through the Xyron. I only owned the one cartridge of adhesive, so in an efforts to stretch my dollar, I stacked the circles, large to small. (one of each)? Then I ran the stack of 3 through the Xyron so that the larger 2 circles would have only a ring of adhesive around the outside edges. Note: When stacking, work right side of the fabric facing up- stack the small, then medium then largest circles. Make sure the adhesive is applied to the wrong side of the fabrics.

I had already painted my bathroom grey and white. I decided on the curve quite arbitrarily and decided to lay the fabric circles in a row, covering where the two colors meet. They circles are applied quite randomly, hoping that no two like colors are touching.

By about 1/4 of the way through the project, my fingers were so sticky!!! I had not anticipated that. But it didn’t really slow me down. Peel and stick and repeat.

It is a big impact for this little bathroom. It was really quite fast too. Way faster than trying to paint circles, that’s for sure. And yes, I totally thought about doing all hexagons… .but thought that might seem to quilterly in a guest bath. (Yeh, I just made up that adverb. Go forth and rock it in your vernacular.)


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