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How about some designer original fabric from Spoonflower?  Yep.  I took the pallet recommended for the QuiltCon Block challenge and went a bit crazy making some basic fabric concepts.  Melted Stripes, plaids, tear drops and my favorite- My QuiltCon Block Entry INTO PolkaDots.  Now that is fun, right?!

The collection is called Bold Basics.

I added 4 monochromatic versions of the prints in case you just really like the melted stripes and don’t need any color pallet restrictions.  All the swatches are available for order on, at their standard prices:

I just received pieces of the whole collection and cannot wait to make something wonky and modern with them.  I hope you hop on over to Spoonflower and pick up your favorite prints.  (Don’t worry, that whole Jen Eskridge (c) will not appear on the actual fabrics.)

**It is, of course, important to note that these fabrics are inspired by the QuiltCon event, not endorsed by it. 

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