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QuiltCon Block Entry 2 – How To Make Stripes in Photoshop CS3

on Jun 8, 2012 in Blog, sewing, tutorial, WMQG | 0 comments

The QuiltCon Block Challenge question “Do these fabrics read as the color(s) of the QuiltCon logo?” really set the wheels in motion for the inspiration for my 2nd Block Entry.

Here’s the logo, taken from a screen shot:

I decided to work in photoshop to really get a good idea of what I wanted to make. I knew I wanted stripes and I wanted them in the order of the actual logo. Here’s what I did…. and if you ever want to make stripes from your favorite photo, this is one way to do it. ((click on the images to see them larger – I’m using CS3 on my PC.))

First, with your inspiration photo open, go to the marquee selection tool and change the shape to “Single Row Marquee Tool” -horizontal-? You can change the tool shape by clicking and holding down the small black triangle in the corner of the tool.

Next, place your cursor over the horizontal area you’d like to highlight. Click once to create the single row marquee.

With that row highlighted, go to Edit->Define Pattern.

Name your pattern whatever you’d like to call it and click OK. You can create lots of striped patterns from just one image, so name the patterns as specifically or vaguely as you wish.

Open a new image, any size you like. For this I used 8″ x 3″ at 72 dpi, which is roughly the size of the original logo.

Select the Paintbucket tool from the tool bar. Go to the top bar which allows you to change characteristics of your chosen tool. For this, we want to change the fill type from “Foreground” to “Pattern”. Then, in the small box next to the word pattern, click the arrow which will allow you to preview all the pattern choices. Find the horizontal row you created and select that.

Hold the paintbucket tool over the new blank image and click.

If your horizontal row happened to be lower in the image, where the QuiltCon letters were “fatter” you would get “fatter” stripes:

Wanna go really crazy and get totally distracted from the fact that this is supposed to be a sewing blog???? Make PLAID by:

  1. Make a new image 8″ x 8″ at 72 dpi
  2. Grab a horizontal row to create a pattern and fill the square with that
  3. Rotate the whole image 90 degees
  4. Grab a different horizontal row and define that as a pattern
  5. Add a new layer to the square and fill that with pattern 2
  6. Change the opacity of layer 2 to whatever you feel makes a neat looking plaid (30%-70%)
  7. Save As

And now after all that playin’ around on the computer, what does my 2nd block look like?? Well, it looks like stripes. The block is 12 1/2″ x 7 1/2″. The stripe section was improv pieced, without much measuring. I did sew straight, just not parallel- much like most of the Modern Quilt Movement.

And does it look like the logo?? Sure it does…sorta. Does it look MORE like a xylophone?? Um, yeh.


You can read more about my QuiltCon Block Challenge 1 here and the QuiltCon here.


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